00 or 01 426 intake cam in an 02 426

Will the intake cam from a 2000 or a 2001 426 work in my 02 426?? Got a beautiful 04 450 exhaust cam from a member here on TT,and then found out my intake cam is very worn and I need a replacement. My friend said the valves were so out of adjustment,he didn't know how it fired up every time(first kick , usually!). I've had the bike since Feb. of this year and I'm glad I haven't paid too dearly for my ignorance...."Hey,it starts right up,my valves must be fine!! What's all this talk about regular valve adjustment?? ( I'm slow but I'm learning!) THANKS!!

YZF cams are the same from the '98 YZ400 through the '02 YZ426.

Hey grayracer! I noticed a different part # on bike bandit for the 00 intake cam,but the same # as the 2002 on the 2001 cam?????

In double checking, I find you are correct. However, the newer cam is interchangeable. A small change in timing, and probably best used with the '01-'02 exhaust. I doubt it's a big deal in any case.

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