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teaching kids good technique

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Is anyone else out there teaching kids good basic technique on atvs. I see a lot of talk and discussion on technique with 2 wheelers but not 4. And what I see at the trails bears this out. Too many kids get a new 4 wheeler and its here is the brake here is the gas, dont go too fast. they are not taught the basics, how to attack a turn, when to use power to bring the back end around, how to use your weight, ect. I realize that I am probably talking to the chior. Saw a friend yesterday, his son is recovering from a wreck in March. Kid got on an oval track, took a low line at high speed and lost in on a turn. After a helecopter ride, nine days in icu, and over $20,000 (parents part insurance over $250,000). The biggest thing that could have prevented this would have been teaching technique. If you know any newbies giving the kids rides this year, help them out. take some time and show them how.

I wish all a safe and happy Christmas, and some good dirty fun next year.:moon:

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