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Husqvarna signs young Roberts Justs for World GP motocross

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Husqvarna signs young Roberts Justs for World GP motocross!

Wednesday 16th December 2009

By Agnis Skrebs | MXlarge

One of Latvian new talents Roberts Justs at the end of the season surprised all Baltic motor sport specialists with getting into Husqvarna factory team. Here is an interview with always smiling Latvian lad Roberts Justs.

Q: Has your first dream fulfilled, now, that you have got into Husqvarna factory team?

A: At first I was worried, but then I managed to concentrate and show the best result. To the tests there have arrived very powerful athletes, who have been already persistent riding in Europe and in the World GP, therefore at the beginning it was more difficult. At the end of the day, when I showed a good result, I was very glad, and factory team’s bosses confirmed the fact of taking me in the team.

Q: How did the thought to take part in such competition appear?

A: I have to thank very much my father and Janis Kempelis, who got to know that next year such class will be formed and immediately started to work seeking a possibility for me to take part in these competitions. He got in contact with the shop “Motosports”, with Lauris Ermanis, who is the distributor of Husqvarna motorcycles in the Baltic States, and Lauris settled a possibility to go for tests. Further everything went unexpectedly good.

Q: Now, when you have become a member of this team, are you fully provided next season with necessary equipment, accessories and the way to race rounds?

A: Next season the team will provide me with the necessary Husqvarna motorcycles, spare parts, Pro Grip accessories, Lazer helmets, TCX boots and Michelin tyres, as well as the way to race rounds in European championship and World Junior championship. For the races in Latvia I’ll be provided with motorcycles, spare parts and accessories.

Q: How are you preparing for next season races?

A: At the moment we together with my brother are diligently twice a day visiting physical preparation practices, at the beginning of next year together with the team I’ll go to training camps in Italy and Spain for to accustom myself fully with the new motorcycle and to train the necessary speed in tracks.

Q: Will you live abroad now or you will be seen here, in Latvia?

A: Temporarily more in Latvia, till I have to attend the school, in summer I will be more often in Europe.

Q: Who is your new team manager?

A: My manager will be Lauris Ermanis, who distributes Husqvarna motorcycles in the Baltic States.

Q: How are you doing at school, do you manage to join studies and sport?

A: It is not easy, but I do my best to study hard and don’t delay anything. Thanks very much to my mother, she helps a lot.

Q: How do you evaluate your first season spent with MX2 class motorcycle?

A: I is thinking, that I succeeded in everything. At the end of the season at championship in Netherlands my results made a fast progress, and in all races I took part I managed to fight with competitors. In Latvian championship I managed to win 4th place.

Q: How did you like “Superkauss” races?

A: They were very interesting, superb atmosphere and very good organization. My individual results could be better, but with the little bike I simply didn’t managed to get starts so well, for good results in “Superkauss” it is very important, because you have to ride only 5 laps.

Q: In what competitions we’ll see you next year?

A: Next year my most important start will be World Junior championship and European championship with two-stroke motorcycle in 125cc class. In Latvia I’ll participate in “Superkauss” races. I also plan to take part in the Netherlands championship.

Q: Now, when you’ll have an opportunity to ride with very well arranged motorcycles, will you try next year to lap your brother in races where you’ll participate together?

A: I have always been fond of competing with Augusts; I hope that I’ll be able to fight properly with him next season in tracks. Certainly, these will be interesting competitions, but I think, that he also will not be slowly, because he’s training hard now and in World championship in MX2 class he gets excellent experience and trains speed. I’m very glad, that I can practice together with him, because he helps me a lot in the training process.

Q: What will be success formula of next season? A: Most important – for there will not be injuries. I think, that everything else I’ll succeed in, and – also supporters and fans at the edge of tracks!!!

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