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California Silver Saddle Ranch for sale

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Its coming down to we need to seriously look at these opportunities

for our future. We still have opportunity to also purchase some of the

Rudnick property as well

I have completely lost faith in our state OHV division and our leadership

groups to lobby to complete any type of transaction of this magnitude.

Silver saddle would make a pretty cool PRIVATE multi sport competitive area


Please Click on link below after reading Introduction:



Since 1981, the privately held Silver Saddle Ranch & Club development has been successful in the sale of sub-divided unimproved lots. Membership privileges in the private Silver Saddle family resort provides added value and serves as a proven successful sales incentive and tool. These associated membership dues produce a revenue stream to offset resort operations overhead. The past five selling years have realized closed sales of 2,175 lots at $116,482,439.


Thomas M. Maney, CEO and co-owner

Justin G. Child, CFO and co-owner

Terry H. Hansen, CPA and co-owner

Debra Nicastro is Vice President of Silver Saddle Ranch & Club, Inc. A veteran of the company since inception, Debra has first-hand knowledge of the potential for this region as well as the workings of the property. She has twenty-nine years of hands-on involvement in almost every aspect of the Silver Saddle operation; sales, marketing, financing, resort operations, etc.

The owners of Silver Saddle have given Debra the opportunity to promote the sale of their physical assets and to act as point-person on their behalf.


Debra Nicastro

Vice President

Silver Saddle Ranch & Club, Inc.

Corporate Offices

15315 Magnolia Blvd.

Suite 201

Sherman Oaks, CA, 91403


Cellular Tele (818) 219-8537

Email: nicnale@aol.com

(Follow me on www.twitter.com)

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Wish I had $17,000,000.00

It would make a great Off Road Center with Your's and Peraltas help.

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Wayne, we all know you are loaded, just write a check and make a field of dreams.

Yah, build it and we will come and ride with you!

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