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on the jumping you have to pull in the clutch in the air all the time or just keep on the throttle alittle? can you correct the bike in the air like a 2 stroke. if it is different is it hard to change from a 2 stroke to a 4 stroke. my buddy is trying to get me to get a 2001 rm250 with him. so we can race as a team. my yz 250 was good but the bike was a little overrated. the bike is made weak in the rear. the sub frame is junk bends easy. it looks like the 426 is tuffer.please help me make my mind up thanks guys

There are lots of techniques on jumping. There is the brake tap- lowers front, and the panic rev- raises front, but on the 4 stroke it's important to stay on the gas as you go off the face of the jump or you will nose down, sometimes badly as I learned right away. I prefer to use body positioning when jumping because especially on the brake tap I find it hard to pull in the clutch and manuever my foot to find the brake so quickly. Once you get the 4stroke down I have found it is easier to make smooth jumps. The new CR250 though, for me if I was faced with the choice of this 426 and that bike, it would be a tough decision...



I idle my 426 very low to take advantage of the engine braking, so I blip the throttle while in the air if it's a long jump. Short jumps don't require this. I would advise you to practice your jumping on small singles and short doubles at first to get used to how to use the throttle on take-offs. It's really a combination of using your body positioning and throttle control. Expect to spend a little time getting the carb jetting and settings sorted out to get rid of the little hesitation that crops up from time to time. Hopefully, the 2001 has this problem solved. Choosing a bike is a personal preference but I've personally found that the 426 is a ton of fun to ride. There's nothing quite like the sound and feel of a high performance 4-stroke. I use ear plugs anytime I ride and find there are several advantages to this. First, it keeps the noise down for you, and second, when you are racing, it helps drown out the other bikes and allows you to really concentrate on what you are doing. It may sound strange but I find that by wearing ear plugs, you can actually hear your engine internals better and pick up any clutch noises. And of course, it helps with hearing loss that we all experience as we age. I'm 47 and still have excellent hearing. I've used plugs for any activity that has high...or even medium noise for 20 years and I feel that I'm now reaping the benefits.


To add to what Mike was telling you, I too keep on the gas until airborn, but I shut off the throttle in the air and let the attitude of the bike come around so I can land smooth on the downside. This is again, just like tapping the rear brake on a 2 stoker. As I'm about to land, I have the throttle coming back to life so you keep your speed and momentum going forward. Also, body positioning is really key if you want to toss the thing around like a two stoker. You have to squeeze the bike with your knee's and move your hips to the opposite side you want the rear end to go upon take off. Then, shut down on the gas, let the bike's attitude turn down, change your body positioning to the opposite side, and get on the gas so the rear end can break loose upon landing and track straight. Takes some practice and I'm not sure if I'm explaining it completely right, but just practice on the small stuff before you graduate to the 50 footers. Hope this helps.

Myself I find I'm jumping farther and enjoying it more(not big on air)than I ever have in the past with my 2 strokes , I dont know " WHY" . I did have problems at first like everyone else but you have to go through a "learning faze" . The only problems I had was the jumps that throw you straight up into the air if you chop the throttle on thoughs types of jumps you get a really good look at your front # plate. On thoughs types of jumps I just learned to pull the clutch in half way on the landing, if compression breaking does take over the clutch will slip, other that that , on the rest of the jumps, just use power/or smooth power on takeoff. Again Im not a good jumper never have been ,never will be, but I got to admit I enjoy jumping the 426. Now lets talk whoops WooooooooooHoooooooooo I love this bike Doug

Scott, read this on Jumping......


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