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07 clutch plates shattered

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Hi All,

I am in the process of splitting my motor for a crank replacement when I noticed that the inner most friction plate was shattered in 4 small fragments plus the rest as one and all the parts still in position inside the clutch basket

The bike history as follows: bougth new July 09 , changed friction and plates at around 33 hrs as they were slipping with OEM in September , since then put and additional 9 hrs.The basket is not severly grooved by any mean. The change over in clutch plates is so simple I doubt this is an installation issue , all plates were oiled prior to install. I don't really abuse the clutch but use it regularly to meter power out of tigth turns.

(the last ride of the season , I was in 4th gear all the time as I felt a noticeable drop in power- I know why now)

My question is (if at all possible to answer with so little info)

What is the root cause ? this is my 4th CRF450 and the first time it happens

Has this happen to other community members ?

What is the possible fix past changing the friction plates ?

Can it just be a bad batch of plates ?

Thanks in advance , Nicolas

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