do you smell gas?

Hey guys, I went out riding one of my favorite tracks today and it seemed like everytime I stopped it smelled like gas,Well sure enough I pulled into the pits to have a look see and there was a small steady drip coming from the bottom right side of my fuel tank. I took it off and there is a tiny crack right where the back of the tank sits on the frame. I'm going to see if yamaha will warranty this defect since it was'nt a bi-product of any kind of crash. well thats it for me I just thought you guys should know to look out for this little gem.

Yo Mad- I've heard of this and I've been watching mine, in fact I will include a link here at another forum where this came up before, click on thumper central then go to page 2, there were several responses about the 426 tank:


Chalk up another cracked tank , mine happened this last weekend. Two small hair line cracks on each side, where it goes over the rear frame rail. You can tell they are stress fractures they wont leak unless you press or pull on the sides of the tank lightly. Called dealer he said bring it in, we'll see what happens tomarrow.


Well guys good news, I took my bike down to the yamaha dealer and they got yamaha to replace my cracked tank. I also managed to fix my old one with some epoxy resin and it's holding up pretty good so far. so until next time Maddog out

Ok, last weekend I also had the gas smell thing happen, & like you, I also had a crack in the lower aft righthand corner. My scoot is 61 days old. When I took it to my North Texas Yamaha dealer, I was told that it must be some sort of additive I'm using in my gas. And that it only happenes with the gas here in Texas, and sometimes to the north in Oklahoma. However Yamaha knows about it and will warranty the tank. And they have a new part number to replace it with. Thicker I believe. Demand graphics as well. Yamaha wants the dealer to do the whole job from start to finish. It takes a week or so to get a new tank. I had them call & order one right there on the spot,& then I paid for overnight shipping & had mine on the bike, new graphics & all, in three days.

Good luck


I knew there was something funny going on with the gas station down the road from me, now I know what it is,,,,,,,THEY ARE BOOT LEGGING GAS FROM TEXAS TO OREGON ! That stinking Texas gas cracked my tank also LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL



Hey, just to let you know, Yamaha changed the thickness of the tank to lighten the bike. I know that the 98 tanks are trustworthy. If you can get Yamaha to warranty it, great, otherwise look for a 98 tank. Cheers.


You may have a good point, since my '98 tank did not crack, and my '99 and '00 tanks did. After much consideration, I have decided the cause of these common failures. The rear of the tank has a sharp bend. Normal riding causes the top of the tank to flex because the seat is pressing down on the top of it. This eventually leads to cracks at the rear corner. The next time your seat is off, push down on the tank and see the flex.

Shop called yesterday and my new tank was in along with new graphics, so I picked it up today . This tank is stamped 99 (mine 00)and is just a stock tank hummmmmm will it crack also ,,,, no matter they told me if this one cracks, they will replace it also. Guess next time i'll request a 98 tank. I got to tlking to the service & parts guys and was told that the clutch baskets were coming apart on the 426's but it was just the Canadain 426's "first time I've heard that one" , they said the US 426 clutch baskets were fine. we'll see


well, I got my replacement tank, graphics, and petcock valve gasket from the dealer, and it looks like the only difference is the replacement tank was made in 10/99 and my cracked one is from 3/00 other than that I'm just happy it did'nt cost me any money. MADDOG


Canadian 426's huh? That's definitely a new one, one that won't fly at all around here. Do you know how many U.S. clutch basket failures that I personally have heard about, either from shops, friends, and this forum? I'd say at least 15 or so. Canadian only huh? Well, it's great to see that Yamaha is keep their dealers in the dark too. When you try and put out a fire, sometimes it starts a new one.


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