Flywheel/crank is now factory lapped and glued.

Well, I my bike arrived yesterday, and I went to pick it up. According to the yds site, it had not been lapped. We took mine apart to do the recall, and had a very hard time getting the flywheel off. Well, it finally popped off after some significant cranking on the puller. Surprise!! :) It had already been lapped and had traces of green locktite on key. All right, now we cleaned it up and went to put it back together with new glue. After carefully spreading new locktite on the flywheel taper, putting the flywheel on, and the washer........... wait..... the washer doesn't fit. :D :D :D It turned out that the mechanic had mushroomed the end of the crank while trying to get the flywheel off, and now neither the washer or the nut would fit back on the crank. Yamaha will be putting a new motor in that bike. Needless to say, I took another 450 home. It is in the same boat, but the vin on this bike is 5 after the other, so I’m not going to worry about it.

According to the yamaha tech line, some of the first bikes to be fixed at the factory didn't get punched by the vin. The yds site and the yamaha tech line still have the bikes listed as needing the fix. :D I kinda just wanted to let everyone know that yamaha is dealing with the problem, but not all of the fixed bikes are punched or recorded. If your flywheel doesn't come off with MINIMAL effort, then it is probably fixed. :D


The newer models should come with a sticker from yamaha stating work has been done at the factory.

Mine did.

Done 150 miles so far and its going great and not a single problem.. Yet :)

Oh and yeah mine has no punch mark next to vin either.

It turned out that the mechanic had mushroomed the end of the crank while trying to get the flywheel off, :) Yeah, i've met "mechanics" like that. Glad you ended up with another 450 without having to wait. I haven't ridden one yet, but i'm sure you'll love it, Chris.

Wow, I only had to wait 4 weeks for the parts (??), I took my bike to my dealership (Hardings in Canton Oh) on wednesday and they said I would get it back on friday. when I called friday, they said they were working on it right now (3:30 pm) and I MIGHT get it back on monday. Now thats service! 5 days for a .7 hour TSB! I've purchased three bikes there in the last 2 years and You can bet they will get all of my buisiness in the future, and I'll tell all of my friends too! Anybody want to start a pool on how many times I will have to have the TSB done? Or how badly damaged my bike will be when (if) I get it back?

By the way, I called Yams "customer service" department. When I asked them about the TSB, the person I spoke to did not know what I was talking about. She asked me where I had heard about the TSB, when I told her the internet, she got a little 'tude and said they don't like to hear about the internet. I told her that I had a copy of the TSB right in front of me. I guess were all full of [@#$%&*!], and the TSB doesn't exist. :)

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