03 wr450 or wr250?? first post

Hey everyone :) I'm just visiting from the drz forum because I need some of your guys' input. I have an 02 drz400s that is done up for off road but I can still ride it on the roads. But out in the hard bush trails, throwing it around in the extreme sand whoops is really kicking my a$$. I'm considering giving up the drz and getting either the wr250 or the wr450. I kinda doubt the 250 would have enough power seeing as how as I'm used to the 400. I'm 6' and about 175lbs. I just don't know, there's a pretty good price difference too :D Any advice you guys can provide me with would be great. Thanks a bunch


I think the WR450 would be a good choice. Going from a DRZ to the WR, you will be able to notice the WR is about 20+ pounds lighter. The WR250 is 30+ pounds lighter than the DRZ, but I'm not sure how the power compares once all mods are done.

I went from DRZ400 to WR250F. The DRZ had plenty of power and plenty of weight :) The 250 has just the right amount of power for woods use :D and won't wear you out. I weigh 215 lbs and it hauls me just fine. :D

I think alot of it is what type of rider you are. I'm a C- rider and use the "too much" power (sarcasm aimed at Dirt Rider mag) :) of the 450 to lug it around in "too high" a gear. If you are a better rider and you like to ride in the meat of the power band the 250 may be more agile in the tight stuff. I just like the option of picking the wrong gear all the time and still making it up hills.

Go with the WR250. My buddy just made the same trade,that

250 is sweet. I would trade my 400 in a hartbeat.

Hey Bamster, maybe I'm just behind the times in thinking a 250 four stroke doesn't have enough jam to keep things interesting. Or enough bottom end torque to do big, slow, technical hill climbs. I know it would be lighter which would be nice... I just don't know...Why would you choose a wr250 over the wr450???? It's cheaper so that's definitely a bonus....I don't know anybody who has one so test driving is out of the question.

I have ridden both and the difference it Tight woods is amazing. I can use all the power band on the WR250 and fly through the woods where as on the WR450 I am forced to ride in taller gears to keep control of wheelspin. The weight difference is very noticeable. The WR250 is nimble, quick and feels every bit of the 30 lbs. lighter. But you had better pull over if your buddy comes out into a clearing right behind you because the WR450 will roost past you on a typical straight that you find between wooded areas. :)

It kind of depends on what type of riding you do as mentioned. I bought a WR450 around a month ago and it is my first bike. It seemed a little tall and heavy at first, but know im glad i bought it. I am 6'1" and about 170. I can't quite get both feet flat on the ground. It is pretty easy to pick it up from its side and move around. It will easily get you up hills. I don't do a lot of riding in woods, so its the perfect bike for me.



Just keep the DRZ! First thing, you don't want the 250 if you're used to the 400's power. Next, the seat height is a trade off for the weight difference. This goes more for the 450 than the 250, but they are so tall, it can make tight woods riding more of a hassle than it should be. I don't think you should feel outgunned by the 450, as many have stated that the DRZ can pull away from the WR450's. Yes, it's down on top end HP, but is more tractable in woods situations.

One reason not to consider the 250, is the fact that by the time you do all the jetting and free mods, you realize you need another $400 for a CDI, so with that looming over your head, why not just get the 450? I think what little you gain in HP with the 450, will be lost when you need more low end and traction.

I know this is the kind of advice some people don't like to hear, but stay with what you got. You already own it, and it sounds like a better bargain than the other choices for the money. If you have an extra $7000 to burn, then risk it if you want.

Every bike has it's trade offs, I just don't think you'ld be trading up, just different.

You can also wait for the CRF250X(and maybe 450X) since you have a bike already. Not like you'll be missing any riding time while you wait.

As a final note, don't believe the hype about the weight. The DRZ weighs the same as the WR450 not just according to Dirtbike magazine, but from what TT members say also. Yeah, you don't have the E-start, and 50cc's extra, but you also don't have the tall seat height either.

This probable won't help but here goes. I have both a wr250 and a wr450. On tight techical single track I am faster on the 250 and it is a blast to ride. On more open terran with big long hill climbs there is no replacement for cubic displacement. If I could only have one I would base my dicision on what type of riding I would do most often.


I have the 450 and my buddy has a 250, both 03 WR's. We traded in a sand wash and rode a bit. Both nice bikes but the 250 I couldn't keep in high gear in the soft sand, had to keep poking back and forth to keep the R's up. The 450 put it in high gear and it just keeps going. I know in the tight stuff that the 250 would be nicer. So with all that said I would also vote for "depends on where you ride".

I've never heard that the DRZ400S weighs even close to any of the big WR's. According to Suzuki's on site, the DRZ400S weighs 291 lbs. dry which is 14 lbs. heavier than an XR650R (BRP). The DRZ400E weighs 262 lbs. dry and the DRZ400 weighs 249 which is very close to the WR's.

Since he has the S, I'm guessing it feels pretty heavy on the trails and it would be a huge trade up from an S model to a full dirt version of either the WR or DRZ. :)

My mistake about the "S", "E", designations. I read wrong and was under the impression he had the non street legal non electric start DRZ. :)

I really like the WR450. The only time it feels tall is in really tight stuff. Anything over 2 mph and you won't notice it. Having ridden my friends DRZ, I was amazed at how much stronger the WR450 is. But you'll really appreciate the suspension updrade! If you like the 400 torque you may not be satisfied with the 250 since it's lacking on the bottom end. Good luck :)

I came off a 00 DRZ400E and had to make the same decision on either the 250 or 450. I was affraid that if I got the 250 I would not be happy with the power. I do mostly woods riding and alot of it is tight rocky stuff and after 8 hrs of riding, I'm not as tired as when I had my DRZ. Because of my choice, I am not worried about having enough power either. :) I'm with Indy, love those straight aways and clearings. :D :D

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