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dr350se jetting question.

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hi all, im new here. after riding my 89' cr250r for a while i blew it up and need to resleeve it. so until then i've gone over to a 4 stroke and bought a dr350se. it has a pre-ignition problem because its running too lean.

its a 1994 dr350se. it has the 3x4 hole in the airbox mod with a K&N lifetime air filter and a procircuit T-4 exhaust system. i was told when i bought it that it had aftermarket jets in it but when i cleaned the carb they looked as if they have been in there for a while ( couldnt find any numbers on them.) i didnt really look under a magnifying glass tho so i could have missed them. the bike has good top end but is popping under decelleration. after looking around online i think i need to go to a 140 jet or 145 main jet?

do i change both the pilot jet and main jet?

where do i buy jets?

which jets do i buy?

have access to lathe, milling machine ect. could i drill out the jets i have now?

whats 140 mean? thousands of a inch? thanks in advance for putting up with all my questions!:moon:

also this is a vaccuum diafram carb, its not a pumper.

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