Do you know what your problem is....

To All My Motocross, Enduro, and Hare-Scrambling Brothers,

I come to you this day to hopefully put to an end the justification for the position I have taken regarding Yamaha Motor Corporation.

I am not here to bash or criticize any dirtbike owner/rider for their positive or negative commentary, nor for their brand or model loyalties. Nor am I here to put anyone out because they have 1 day in saddle or 30 years. I am simply here to bring together all, regardless of their ( lack of ) issues to stand up for the owners of the 2000 model year Yamaha YZ426F who have been plagued with serious mechanical issues, along with WR and smaller YZ models.

I began my dirtbike trek on August 11, 2000 with the purchase of my 2000 YZ426F. Now I may be young, and "wet behind the ears" when it comes to dirtbikes, but Im not so, when it comes to dealing with issues such as these.

I purchased my bike to enjoy this pasttime. I did it to enjoy the land, and to make new friends. I want to be an asset to this sport, not detract from it, nor send it backwards 500 million years. I am the kind of person who cannot sit idly by and see a fellow brother in trouble. I will always come to their aid if their cause is true and responsible. I may not have experienced all the issues that have come up plaguing my model bike, but I have a vested interest in defending, and joining the call to rally in an effort to bring a successful, and satisfactory resolution to the issues affecting my fellow riders.

It is my understanding that Yamaha has come quite a long way since the 1980's in the production of some of the finest dirtbike's around. I am also aware that they are a major player in the overall success of the motocross/enduro/hare-scrambling sport industry. I applaud them for their continued efforts, but that doesn't relieve them of their responsibilities.

Now I understand that issues are going to develop with any mechanical device. I've said it before and I'll repeat it here once again:

" It is irresponsible for me to believe that any mechanical device is not going to break down from time to time. Man made it, so its gonna break. Repairs will be necessary. "

But I will go on record as saying that:

" When issues come up with mechanical devices, that are clearly not the fault of the operator, whether by abuse, or improper usage, but that a common denominator presents itself as the culpret of failure's, the manufacturer's need to accept RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY for such repairs, regardless of warranty periods, or age of the product,or COST, and demonstrate the position of standing behind their products 100%. "

- Randy Decesare, September 24, 2000 -

An occassional clutch failure, or gearbox failure, or hub breaking is expected. So are loose spokes, a busted chain link, etc. Ours is a physical sport. But how we, as members of a sport can accept the continued failure of specific parts and say its nothing is unacceptable to me.

Why is it that the clutch basket is always the culpret in clutch failures?

Why is it always the 4th gear that is failing not only in the 426's gearbox, but apparently the 250's as well?

Why is it always the rear hub throwing the sprocket bolts?

C'mon guys, let us a little common sense here. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that there is definitely a problem here. Even the "seasoned old-timers" who are saying they never had a problem with their YZ426F 2000 model are recommending upgrading to a Hinson clutch basket, that the stock chain is junk, and that the sprockets need replacement, then backed up by Blue Loc-Tite.

Why is it a rookie with only 1 month under his belt can see this, and 30 year riders are just sweeping it under the carpet?

Why do we have to spend $1000 or more in upgrading parts right out the gate? C'mon now...

We as dirtbike riders accept a certain level of RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY as soon as we purchase a bike. WE go through pain staking maintenance to make sure OUR bikes are in top running condition and safe. We properly torque, oil, and fuel. Hopefully, WE are properly geared ( protected ) to go and ride.

EVERY RIDE IS LOADED WITH THE POTENTIAL OF POSSIBLE PHYSICAL INJURY OR EVEN, MAY THE LORD FORBID, DEATH. This is a risk WE accept in exchange for the rush, for the enjoyment, for the smiles, and the stories of the "Big One" that got away around the campfire.

But no manufacturer has the right to place our lives in jeopardy when a clear and present danger exists in a product they have manufactured.


I am NOT saying that Yamaha, or any dirtbike manufacturer is knowingly producing a product that is defective.

I am NOT saying that Yamaha, or any dirtbike manufacturer is knowingly and willingly placing our lives in jeopardy.

I AM saying that Yamaha, or any other dirtbike manufacturer needs to be held RESPONSIBLE and ACCOUNTABLE when the occurrances of product failure exceed acceptable levels, or present a GREAT INCREASE IN DANGER TO LIFE, AND PROPERTY.

Why is it that manufacturer's can hold their hands out and collect our money towards a purchase, but when an issue develops, whether in or out of warranty, that is clearly not an issue of operator abuse, or improper use, they go through all hoops and circles, to deny and frustrate us, then and only when they see we don't give in, reluctantly do the "right thing" anyway?

This does not mean that Yamaha or any other bike manufacturer does not in its entirety honor warranties.

Im starting ask myself: Is the MONEY coming first, and OUR safety second?

One rider in this forum claimed he was keeping track of all the clutch, gearbox, hub, chain, fork, etc. breakdowns, and has reported them to be quite infrequent to the total number of produced YZ426F's for the year 2000.

My friend, how foolish to think that every incident is reported here on THUMPERTALK, or DIRTRIDER.NET, or any other motocross internet site. Most people don't even have a computer, let alone know how to properly exercise an internet search engine. I became very frustrated when searching for dirtbike sites, because all I would come up with was a few, then get bombarded by porno sites, and "hits" that included only partial words of DIRTBIKE, MOTOCROSS, ENDURO, HARE-SCRAMBLE, BLACK-WATER, etc.

No manufacturer is going to publicize their problem issues with a particular product. That would hamper their sales. Why do you think they have 5-10 mechanical engineers, and 400 corporate lawyers?

Other readers have dicussed manufacturing issues...Only so many of these parts, and so many of these, are produced, so that explains the back orders...Let me shed some light.

Each model year goes through R&D, then TOOLING. This is when the factory, upon approval from engineers and lawyers, have the molds or castings produced, and the plants start production of that model year. The company has to make a decision as to how many "spares" of parts it is going to make, and hold for repairs, warranties, etc.

Tooling is one of the most expensive parts of the manufacturing process. It requires setting up machinery, test runs, quality control, and finally, the production run.

It is quite apparent that Yamaha has an issue on its hands with the certain questionable parts because they ran out of their overstock. If this wasn't true, why did DaveyJ have to wait 2 months+ for his gearbox parts, which were backordered, or others have to wait weeks for gas tanks, or clutch parts for the same length of time?

Why is it that with DaveyJ, and possible others, had to wait for 2+ months for parts, and be down for that time, losing quality riding time, and possible consequences to racing positions, with no apparent regard by Yammie to their position.

If we asked Yammie to trail ride the bike for 2+ months, then pay for it, you know they'd screem: NO WAY!

...quite different when the shoe's on the other foot...

I speak with architects, engineers, machining manufacturer's, and production companies for a living...They all say the same thing:

Backorders are caused by having to reset the machines with the appropriate tooling to manufacture the required replacement parts. This requires either waiting for the equipment to finish the present tooling, or disrupting the current to go back to the old.

This costs time and money!

Brand Loyalty:

Apparently, quite a few of the Thumpers here believe brand loyalty is a one way street. Sorry, guys, brand loyalty is a two way street.

THE MANUFACTURER has the responsiblity to produce a quality product, inform their patrons of issues regarding that product, stand behind its warranties, and if issues develop outside of the warranty or normal acceptable breakage, they need to be RESPONSIBILE AND ACCOUNTABLE for repairs/replacements regardless of costs.


THE PATRON, not only has the RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY to use the product according to the manufacturer's suggestions, but is also RESPONSIBILE and ACCOUNTABLE for keeping the manufacturer bound by the committment they made as per the above statements.

Riding and Maintenance is the fun part of our pasttime. But with everything, there is the not so popular police and pickup jobs. Every time one of us has an issue, a precident is set with the manufacture. We all should sound off in a resounding voice, whether plagued with the issues or not when something like the clutch or gearbox, or hub issue strikes out upon us.

By raising our voices, and holding the manufacturers responsibile, we ensure the highest level of standards, from manufacturing to the actual riding in our industry. WE are chargable with policing our sport. NOT THE MANUFACTURER'S, NOT THE POLITICIANS, NOT THE LAWYERS....WE THE RIDERS ARE!

Remember too...those of us who speak out, take the stand, and resolve things, are covering the butt's of those who put us down, and fight us tooth and nail. They may argue against us now, but I know darn well they're happy when they become plagued with the same issue, and the groundwork has been laid, fought, and won. They reap the reward.


Look, Yammie makes a good product. They've come a long way. But there's too much going on here. They, in this owner's opinion have some questions to answer, and not with the normal political, card-reading, limited-liability stuff.

WE are responsible for Yamaha, and any other manufacture of a dirtbike to remain in business. WITHOUT OUR $$$, NO MORE BIKES...

I may not of experienced a broken gearbox, or thrown sprocket yet, but I have experienced a fight with Yamaha on jetting, which, after an argument, they did agree to cover. I've also experienced constant overheating ( even when running ), a cherry-red exhaust pipe, a breather hose, which will suck up anything it gets it hands on, and now a clutch which sounds like a .50 calibre machine gun!

As far as one readers Jetting objection goes, the dealership whether direct, or agent, should have checked my bike over thoroughly, and apparently they didn't. They claim that the bike didn't need rejetting, but ever since I brought it in for that service, it has never overheated, and the pipe rarely gets cherry red anymore.

How is it that Mark from 2 Dad's Racing in California, out of the goodness of his heart, could help me diagnos 4000 mile away my problem, without seeing the bike, yet my local Yammie dealer, or Yamaha Corporate in California, the same 4000 miles away couldn't? ( Raised eyebrow )



THE DEALER OR AGENTS ACTION DIRECTLY REPRESENT BY LICENSE, YAMAHA. YAMAHA IS JUST AS RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT ISSUE AS THE DEALERSHIP. If it wasn't, please explain why we still have recourse against the manufacturer through various methods after working through the dealership fails.

The existance of car dealerships prove my point.

As far as the breather hose incident goes. Yes, I do blame Yamaha for that one, and I praise God Almighty for no damage done!


Yamaha cannot assume that everyone is buying the bike for MX/RACING purposes, and in my humble opinion, they have the RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY to tell its owners about the potential pitfall of that hose!

Again, Im not bashing Yamaha. I love my Yammie, even with all the issues surrounding her. I ride her with pride!

My New York license plate even reads:


I wouldn't do that if I didn't love my bike. But I want to ride in confidence, not mechanical fear!

In closing, I just want to say, I stand behind every dirtbike owner, regardless of age in the sport, bike brand, or model, or loyalty, who is experiencing difficulties beyond normal acceptance.

Im asking all to stand with the owners of plagued Yamaha's to join us in sounding off with one voice, to bring Yamaha to bear for these issues, and protect the integrity of the sport, both in the manufacturing and riding elements.

United we stand, and divided we fall!


May God Bless one and All!



YZ426 Kicks



Jesus Christ

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Randy- I agree with most of what you have been saying, but please man... CHILL OUT!

ride on...


Randy you make me sick, sell your full blown race bike and buy an xr 250 or some other trail bike and give it a break

Originally posted by Tree Slayer:

Randy you make me sick, sell your full blown race bike and buy an xr 250 or some other trail bike and give it a break

...and if you developed a blown 4th gear gearbox, or any other issue that's been brought to bear because of forthright riders, I'd still be there for you!


YZ426 Kicks

Originally posted by MikeOK:

Randy- I agree with most of what you have been saying, but please man... CHILL OUT!

ride on...


Hey Mike,

Im no evil ogre, or trouble-maker. Nor am I in a frenzy, foaming at the mouth. I just want to see restitution.

The above was posted because I am still being attacked by fellow riders, and members of this forum for speaking out. This was strictly a defensive reply, not one of aggression.

Im not angry with anyone here. I ask the Lord for everyones protection, and riding enjoyment. But it is extremely disappointing to see such friction within the ranks, along with opposition to doing what's right.

There is a right way and a wrong way to do things. No body appointed me the head of leading this charge, certainly not myself. But somethings gotta be done. The fact remains, the charge has already been sounded.

Food for thought:

One of my co-workers boyfriends purchased a YZ426F 2000 model back in May, along with his friends. Turns out, he experienced the same issue that DaveJ did, althought this happened during the warranty period. He reported it, and it took the Yamaha rep 5 days past his warranty's expiration to arrive in town to take a look at it. Then the Yamaha rep apparently had the nerve to say "too bad, out of warranty, you're on your own!" I was told it got very heated, and Yammie finally relented after much screaming, and much legal threatening was done.


Even though this may be here-say, what reason would she have to lie to me? She opened the conversation by asking me if I had issues. She brought out his gearbox issues, not me. And she doesn't even ride!

She also told me some of his friends are experiencing the clutch issues.

All this right in my back yard. Man, that's a little scarey to me.

Maybe I am a little oversensitive right now, but that's because y'all keep attacking me, and not saying " wait a minute, maybe something is wrong here, what could I possibly do to help, or at least really check this out".

Only a few have embraced my inexperience and offered constructive, enlightening knowledge about this sport, and the industry.

Seems a lot of similar stuff was said back in 1776 when a few farmers stood against the British Empire, and loyal Torries. Where would we be as a nation if it wasn't for those "rebels" ?

No hard feelings Mike, just my best wishes!


YZ426 Kicks

Hey Kicks', I'll keep you and the others in prayer. It really bothers me that you 're getting blasted by the others when they clearly should be supporting you. If (and when) they have their problems they will probably want some support or advice given to them, (ISN'T THIS THE REASON FOR THIS WEBSITE IN THE FIRST PLACE?) Maybe then their attitudes will change. You have the Lord on your side, hand this over to Him and pray about it. "the Lord blesses those that are His." E-mail me if you need help or prayer. God Bless, Erik


So Cal Erik

Visit my club's site at <A HREF="

" TARGET=_blank>


Originally posted by So Cal Erik:

Hey Kicks', I'll keep you and the others in prayer. It really bothers me that you 're getting blasted by the others when they clearly should be supporting you. If (and when) they have their problems they will probably want some support or advice given to them, (ISN'T THIS THE REASON FOR THIS WEBSITE IN THE FIRST PLACE?) Maybe then their attitudes will change. You have the Lord on your side, hand this over to Him and pray about it. "the Lord blesses those that are His." E-mail me if you need help or prayer. God Bless, Erik


I come into thy presence, in the name of Jesus, your Son, and thank you my Lord, for the kind words, and support of my fellow brother Erik. Father I ask you to bless him, and protect him as he walks in life, and to know that for the words of support and faith he shared for me, so shall he be rewarded for not turning away from me in need.

Father, thank you for my fellow brother, and all he has to bear.

In Jesus, mighty name!



Thanks Erik...God Bless!


It sounds like your bike may be a lemon. I have compassion for you here. Many of us have YZ's and WR's that work perfectly and meet our expectations after having all the brands and little brand preference. I know 2-strokes of most brands with case venting from their gear boxes down low that will let water in if submerged. This is standard stuff here. The low venting on the thumper isn't a problem at all unless you stall while in deep water. Then push it out before you restart. *** It doesn't suck water in hard UNLESS you have a dead engine AND kick it over WHILE submerged.*** Chain guides are never bulletproof. Stock chains on MX bikes are made for racing with little resistance, O-ring chains last longer but cost more. You get what you paid for,(etc.) The bike you bought may have problems that most of us don't. I really think you should be directing your anguish at your dealer and Yamaha. Be forceful with them! Stay focused on the problems that are absolute failures and not the what-if's. The what-if problems will get you nothing more than ignored. The amount of time spent here and elsewhere on the web will get you little satisfaction I am sorry to say. :)

Good luck,

James Dean

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YZ426 picks:

You mean you had a cherry red exhaust?! No! The minute you see this, shut the bike off and hit it with a fire extinguisher, or if you have a pool, throw it right in.

After it's cooled, take the carb off and drill out all jets with a 1/8" drill and drill 1" holes in the air box to cool the intake.

Then start the bike in bright sunlight (so you won't notice the cherry red exhaust).

If this still fails to solve your problem, consult your friendly psychiatrist.




Correct the mixture, get an overflow bottle and ride the stinkin' bike. Do not get hopped up over someone else's failures.

If you read some of the posts from people, Yamaha stepped up and paid for the repair, even out of warranty. (This is a hint, read your warranty, before you complain about what you get or don't get)(Something about "Competition")If I have read most of the posts right, Yamaha has been more then fair. Just Remember if you want Yamaha to help "GO TO A YAMAHA DEALER." Yes, it does matter. They have people to go to "THEIR" dealers and verify the complaint and find the best fix.

As far as buying an inferior bike due to some bolt on pieces. I never even mounted my stock bars, (to low and steel). I got one ride on my stock chain, (It would've been great for one Race, not two seasons)(Less weight and less money for the non-o-ring.)

I understand your grief as well as anyone that has had a problem that Yamaha did not step up for, but know your product, know it's purpose, and know your warranty.

But please, can we drop this issue and move on



trapped in IL.

I've escaped! I'm heading back to Cali and beautiful Jawbone and Glamis......


Hey James,

Thanks for your encouragement and wisdom.

After countless nights searching both THUMPER and DIRTRIDER.NET, I have come to a shakey understanding that the breather hose will only suck air in when being kick started from a dead start ( just like you said ). When I look back at my situation, I was stuck bad, and tried desparately to kick start that bike. I had no idea that I was literally pumping all that mud and water right into my engine. I've never seen a mx'er or enduro rider ever yank his bike out of the mud just to start it!

I still blame Yamaha for this. Read my comments above. I thank God, yes, again, with all my heart and soul for not one ounce of damage to that engine! I've rerouted that hose, and added a K&N so it will never, ever happen again!

To All,

Never have I lashed out at anyone here on thumpertalk. I have never put them down, attacked them personally, or criticized them. Who am I to do that? How could I in light of my faith in Christ, who teaches me that to ignore a fellow brother in need is to reject the love and spirt of God?

I joined this format to gain wisdom and experience that only you experienced riders can afford. Im all alone out here, with no clubs, no nothing. Im on my own.

Im no quitter, and y'all can say whatever you want about me, but I do what's right in my heart. Please, can anyone tell me:

What's the difference between helping a fellow rider out on the trail with a jam, or helping a fellow rider in here who'se in a jam?

All I can come up with is that no one is covered in mud, except me...

I stand behind everyone, even my critics who may or maynot have problems. And yes, Im directing my feelings in a professional way towards Yamaha, not like some 2 year old throwing a tantrum.

As for this site, it is what WE make it...

Thanks James!

God Bless!


YZ426 Kicks


Your reputation precedes you sir.

Remember, what you say in here is a direct reflection on the professionalism and conduct we hold as gentlemen, motocrossers, enduro riders, or hair-scramblers.

You can say all you want about me, and I forgive you, but what will the next " wet nosed " rookie say when he comes in and see's that type of commentary?

If this attitude keeps up, your reputation here, shall become the precession of all of us.

God Bless!


YZ426 Kicks

All I will say is that yes, Randy is learning and a little much was said on this issue. But I will also say, that there are some of you out there that sound very much like a Yamaha customer service (Derwood) and your canned responses concerning Yamaha's warranty aren't going to give me warm and fuzzies. Until you experience a failed gearbox, and fear that it's going to happen again because of similar noises, then you have no place to talk here. Save your little smoothed over comments for your customers that come back in with their broken bikes. They'll appreciate the donut's and coffee while you get out your warranty book to give them the bad news. Unfortunately, this have gone beyond warranty bs.

Show me one person on this forum that had a gearbox fail outside of the warranty and Yamaha gladly replaced and repaired everything. Maybe if you were a highly sponsored Racer, those people get everything replaced. But not the Joe consumers here. If you ask me, crap like this just makes for years of bad publicity for Yamaha. Whether they do anything or not, I and many others here won't forget how we've been treated and swept under the rug. For you, I'm just sorry you have to stick up for a company that would treat customers in this way. Are you sure you don't work for Firestone too?


After all is said and done, I hope you get to get out and enjoy your bike. I've gotten ride mine in New Hampshire, Ohio, Illinois and California and have enjoyed every minute of it. Please know that I am on your side and anyone else's that has a problem. I only posted messages in an effort to help those who might have been left stranded. I work for a Automotive Manufacture and I hear and see everything. All I wanted to do was give you all some insight. Trust me Yamaha, unlike Chrysler has never put a vehicle on the road or off knowing it had problems. In Yamaha case, I'm sure it's just a case of tying to make a great bike even better. A little thinner fuel tank, gotta get that weight down. Thin out the clutch basket so we can make the clutch plates a little bigger. Use a single keyway on the crank to make it lighter. Make the 4th gear main shaft (fill in the blank here). Every year we hear about odd little things with every bike because of these types of changes. (I would list them but it would take a while) I agree Yamaha is at fault, but it's not because they want to hurt you, they are trying every year to put out a better product. Sad to say, yes we are the ultimate Guinea Pigs. If you think about the cost for the Motorcycle industry to become car like with real warranties and goodwill and a Consumer Affairs line like the car companies, you would be spending your two grand on that and still need to do the upgrades. Sure they could add some more grease, (the magazines have been saying this for the last 10 years at least. I might even catch on at some point and remember to repack my head set bearings instead of replacing them.)put real handle bars and o-ring chains on new bikes, but as far as the R&D part of it, do we want to change that. This is the part that gives us real 4 strokes, Aluminum frames, 20 inch front wheels, and all the other cool things that have been added since the "Production Rule" has been put in place.

To shut Daveyg up. I'll come out and say it.

Yamaha should recall the effected YZ's for the Fuel Tank and the Clutch issue. I think they owe it to their customers.

As far as the dealers. If I could find a way to get rid of all the bad dealers across the country I would, trust me. I hate them more then most.. The VERY sad truth is, the are independent business people and because of that think they know everything. I had the same problem you had with the lean condition. The strange thing was I was calling dealers to find someone to look at my YZ because it lost compression. When I explained everything to the dealer, we agreed that a large amount of fuel had gotten into the crankcase and was washing down the cylinder. He said, "let's change the oil and then check the engine out, and by the way we have found the 99's run a little lean from the factory, for $50 bucks we'll check and readjust the Carb" I was sold. It took calls to four different dealers, but, I haven't had a bit of problems since. It still overheats after a long single track trail ride, (first and second gear) and then trying to climb a huge hill, (it was a favorite trail of buddies in Illinois) I have hopefully cured that with the purchase of a coolant catch tank from White Trash Racing. It bolts up to the radiator at the frame and should look nice.

I will say it once more, we need to come up with a letter to send to the industry as a whole to build us better bikes, I just say be careful what you wish for.


I have paid my fair share of repair bills, some my fault, some somebody else's. But I go on and try not to be bitter!



trapped in IL.

I've escaped! I'm heading back to Cali and beautiful Jawbone and Glamis......



I have drowned out bikes on 3 occasions all the way over the seat!! Other riders did the same with me on 2 of the 3 water holes. We drained the water out and NONE of the bikes had any permanent damage that was ever apparent. The bikes are pretty tough when it comes to abuse like this. Try to not worry about it and some day you will laugh at the crazy things you did when you were young and naive. :)


To keep it all in perspective, consider what is really important and say a prayer for my daughter. She is a 9 year old who has epilepsy. Half the time she lives just like the other kids her age. But then every 3-5 weeks she has seizures that come in waves of 20 to 60 over about a week and don't stop until she can't speak or think straight. The doctors have no explanation and the medications don't stop them. After many hospital stays with CAT scans, countless EEG's and MRI's this is still left as of an unknown origin. She could otherwise be a normal child if not for the past 3 years fighting away the convulsions. I don't complain, she is a precious little girl and we love her dearly.



Dear Father, Lord Jesus, thy Holy Spirt,

I come to you this Father, in the name of Your Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, giving all Glory and Honor to you Almighty Lord, for it is You, and You alone who shall receive such Glory. Your Faithfullness towards us is as mighty as the mountains, and your Love and Grace is as the East is from the West! To you, Almighty God, I join my brother James, and stretch forward, in faith, my hands to his little daughter.

Under the authority of Christ Jesus, whom giveth me this day, I claim the promise of two or more, that whereever two or more shall gather in His mighty name, so shall HE be, and that whatever we ask for of the Father, so shall the Lord Jesus do for us! ( Matthew 18:19 )

Father, we know that sickness and infirmity is not of you, for you are our God who takes our sicknesses and infirmities away, and it was the Lord Jesus Christ, whom under Pilate, as the scriptures state, was beaten, bruised, and whipped, for the sake of our infirmities. Oh mighty God, what value can come from such a precious little one to be smitten with such wickedness from the enemy? Therefore, as your son, servant, and soldier, I come to intercede, and under the authority of Christ Jesus, I demand Satan, let loose your hold of that child this instant!, sickness and infirmity be no more! I bind you, and cast thee from this child, that she may raise her arms toward heaven and declare God's Grace to all who see her! In faith, I come against you Satan, and In Faith, with my brother James, I declare the healing of his daughter done!

I humbly ask, oh Lord, release thy angels for whom you have assigned to that precious little one, and her family, and protect and serve according to thy will.



In Jesus, mighty name!

With all my Love, James...

Believe in your heart now, and it is done!


YZ426 Kicks

Is that Hair Scrambles or Hare Brained?

Save it for Sunday God-boy. Let us follow in the footsteps of our all knowing government who prohibits prayer in school. Don't waste our precious space with prayer. If ya got somethin' to say about your bike - say it! If you must pray - go to church. Have a nice day.

Not to be insensitive, but I thought this was a YZ426 forum.

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