Do you know what your problem is....

Ego, I didn't know you changed your name to "fastfrank"????



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Poo poo Heads

Kaa Kaa Nose

Pee Pee Mouths

another words

Kaa Kaa Poo poo Pee Pee

There feel better now firejake69

and Blade275 I take it your not a religious guy..

Well All I can say is there will not be any athiests in hell ? Hummmmm

I also must admit that I did not read the entire original post.

BUT .......

I also EMPATHIZE with you about your troubles in the BEAUTIFULL state of UTAH, I already have a mouth full of RELIGION that has been FORCED upon me!


Not that I am athiest or something but there is a time (Sunday) and a place(church) for this sort of thing.

I think I am getting a stomache ache! :DCHURCH.COM<<<<HERE>>> :D

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Put it to REST.

Kill it........

Randy, I hope every thing worked out.


Yes I trash all Japs chains when new. I have two new chains with no hours on them, if anyone wants them?

Spockets bolts - Yes, I loc tite same day.

Grease all bearing races, YES.

Clutchs.... No problems here, fresh oil every 3-5 hours.

Geez wiz...

I just bought a new Ford 4x4, (in 1997 for 35K) why should I have to change oil in that vehicule, for 35K they should run forever? :)

Get Real....

God Bless.

Learn to wrench.

Who has my YZ 450!


exactly why are we bringing this back 2 years later? I hadn't even started riding yet when this was started.

that randy guy sure did talk alot :)

Vegas?? How is this stupid, Randy has made quite a few good points in regards to these issues with parts going bad under normal use. I bought my 01' 426 brand new and here it is more than halfway through 2002, if my fuel tank cracks then I dam sure want it replaced no questions asked. It should be able to stand up to motocross use since this is a motocross bike. Same goes for the clutch baskets. why in the he11 are some of you bashing this guy. I don't get that at all. If you don't like what you are reading then by all means hit the back button and read other posts. I myself do not go to church like I should but I was raised in the church and know wrong from right whether or not I follow the rules is my choice. James I will pray for your daughter. My mother has cancer and has been struggling with it for 8 years now. She is very sick but has been a fighter for 8 years. It just infuriates me to see some of you just running your mouth because we have one post that has some religious kick to it. Everyone should be able to say and do what they please and that means here also.

Now I believe firmly that Yamaha has had some problem they should address, I work for a BMW dealership and I deal with the BMW Motorcycles, I have a file a mile thick that deals with recalls because even BMW has problems that need to be addressed and the fact is if one person has a problem or even 100 have a problem it may be overlooked but I guarandamtee that Yamaha has had more than 500 clutch baskets explode, or tanks break, if they want to be the best then they should recall parts that are defective (to an extent)and replace them. No Manufacturer is without flaws but when a certain number is reached then a recall should be issued!!! Plain and simple. Now if you haven't got anything supportive to say then just hit your back button and don't look at this post again, it is that simple......Frank

well I did not realize that this post was almost 2 years old so if I offended anyone I am sorry, my bad, I still think this post did have some very good points though. How did this post get reopened anyway, I did not even see where yzkicks has responded in almost 2 years. I just had to vent a little after I seen a few hammering this guy who I thought in my opinion was just stating some facts, Frank

Did you ever notice that the people who belieive they are the best Christians, are in reality the worst people you've ever met? They preach to everyone all day long, and yet they have the fewest morals of anyone . . . freaking Zealots !!!

Matt W, I agree notice it more and more! &%$#@! is this!! It makes me laugh how you know they are thinking the whole time there throwing out religious BS they think they are doing such good.

All ya one more thing, look at the ratio of priest and mallestation of young innocent kids.

Ok I took the bait

What on earth or how do you equate, the lowsy freaking pediphile priests with all of Christian dome

I know the same way a one looks at a kid that is covered with tattoes and piercings.

Dont ya love Profiling.............

I will add, I am a Christian, have been since I was 25. I make no bones about it, I dont act like it at times, I also dont bring it to the forum, unless something like this occurs.

Some say why Ego Why. Well part of the change in attitude on TT, is becouse of my beliefs. I started to really look at how I was using TT as a cover to be something I am not, doing things saying things I normally dont say in Public, unless provoked. Am I perfect NO, am I a hypacrite, some may think so, I dont. Do I and have I made an effort to be what I am, portarting myself here as I would in public, Yes. Am I ashamed for the way that a few priests have damaged the public view of Christianity Oh Ya.

But remember, in any orginaztion there are bad people, evil people. To me they are dregs and should be in jail for what they have done. No excuses no nothing just jail..............

So flame me if ya want, you have a right to, but dont start flaming the GOD I worship please, I dont attack you for your believes or non believes, in fact I respect your right to not believe or whatever.

Just me


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"Vegas" I am sorry but first off I did not realize this thread was 2 years old, but second their were quite a few comments that were made to this thread that were made yesterday and not 2 years ago, If I directly aimed my reply or (vent) at you than sorry, but a few things I read offended me. I completely agree with Ego in regards to there is a place for church and it may not be here, agreed, OK, but YZKicks had a few good points, maybe the religious statements and prayers were getting out of hand and that is why the flaming started. But everyone has the right to believe what they want. I know what I believe so that is all that should matter to me. I mean dam I guess I am a bad person because where was I last night, Seeing Korn and Puddle of Mudd at a concert. You talk about Freaks, man some crazy people there and Korn, Probably the best show I have seen live yet, They are definitely some Krazy guys. There beliefs may be different than mine but don't mean I can't enjoy the music they sing. Everyone is different me, you , Ego, Yzkicks, Oh well, let's get back to business as usual,

what do you think, if anyone has a problem with there YZ Yamaha should just replace the whole bike free of charge, LOL Let get a petition going labled, Dear Yamaha, I had my clutch basket explode, or my tank crack, or my chain stretch out in two rides, I want an 03, and you can have my old bike, LOL, Peace Fellas, Frank :)


Thats called Class Action

class action suit

A lawsuit brought by one party on behalf of a group of individuals all having the same grievance.

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