Ok just a quick question, Im in need of new bars after sundays little accident, and Im looking at all the bars and they have hi bends low bends named bends, I frankly dont nead anything special I just want to ride, but one thing I do know is I want strong, Os help a kid out, as far as the height thing goes Im 5'9" and the stock bars seem fine as far as placement, what should I do?


As far as bend I dont know much other than I use the Hi bend, (Im 6'6") so there is no other recourse for me. Im sure more help will follow on this, but as far as strenth I just have one word ... Pro-Taper. Or is that two words?

Spend the money, and do it. You wont regret it.


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The pro-taps are the strongest out there. No doubt about it. Also i would get the hi bend. I am 5'9" i got the low bend. Not the greatest. You can't even stand up straight and reach the bars with the low bends. Also if you get pro-tapers DO NOT get the cheap universal kit. The weeken the steering and the turn easily. So you bars will be tweeked non stop.


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Hummm thats 2 peoples that say Pro Taper are the strongest, thats cool, I need strong, I have a tendancy to fall (sometimes) and if your having trouble reaching hte bars when you stand up maybe the Hi bend is for me, and about this universal kit your talking about? What is it, yeah I know its to mount them, duh, but wont I just mount the new bars straight to my bike? Or is it cause of the thickness of the bars that I need the mounting kit? Or should I go crazy and buy buy new top triple clamps too? Help a dumba$$ out here.


And thanks to everyone who has replied thus far.

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