You fools can't fade this


All I just thought I'd share my news with everyone here online...well the news is I won 1st place in a jumping competiton in my home town now I'm supposed to compete in another in a couple months I believe it is the state. Looking forward to whipping their asses too...BECAUSE THEY CAN"T FADE ME!!!!!!

Anyway, I was wondering if any of you had opinions about jumping...and if any of you need advice just ask the winner...ME! Beause I got the antidote for all your jumping problems...just win a trophy and money and you'll be all set...if you are good enough.

Well, later my fools!!!!


Well heck! I never knew it felt so great to be faded. I really want to be just like this idiot so I can fade too!

Uh huh!

Hello Sucker,

I´m glad that You won, but I wonder if You are like the most of the guys in jumping competitions.... Slow as hell on a regular track ?!?!?

If You can´t take the heat, get Your head out of the oven !!!

REAL MX for ever

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