CA ticket cost for green sticker violation

anyone have any info/experience?? $$$ cost?

Getting Caught with a green sticker on a bike that does'nt match up with the vin (computer check)

Getting your green sticker checked closer than color?

if so where? when?

I feel for you CA TT brothers. Here on the open range the only Green Sticker violation you get is the one on your bottle for not finishing your Heiniken.

No offense CA brother, but you need to move to Colorado while it is still the Wild West. I drive my uncorked, unwired, uplugged, YZ cammed street legal WR450 to the grocery store to buy milk.

Get along little doggies....

I dont know about the green sticker but i can tell you the BLM charges $50 bucks for riding closed trails. even if some jerk blew the trail marker away with his shot gun. :)


I don't think there is a cost for a green sticker violation. I suppose that a ranger could restrict you from riding, but there is nothing in California code that requires green stickers. It is only a CARB regulation. The law enforcement guys I have spoken with say that they don't know what law they would use to charge someone with a violation if they did want to write a ticket.


250 bucks or impound I think or both

if they run the vin and its a hot bike or run the green and its supposed to be on another bike

I may be wrong, But question

Why do you have the wrong green sticker on your bike

By doing that your cheating everyone that rides in CA and causing a bad problem / issue we as lagit registered owners dont need

I want to know how much it

may cost me to Ride in CA In June.

Any sticker on a Bike of Mine will be registerd to me.

I have many bikes, most green stickered.

I dont live in CA but what happens there has a way of working it's way to the rest of us so you need to stay leagle to the laws in you're area we don't need the bad pr :)

Then by what you are telling me you are think ing of moving your green stickers from bike to Bike Correct?

If I am wrong then please explain why you would not have the correct Green stiucker on the correct Bike

Ill regardless of whom its registered to

How much does a Green Sticker cost nowdays?

yes I am considering moving my green sticker to my red sticker bike. The ranger inspections I have seen are all color only no number checking.

It only takes a one to make it hard on every body , we get enough bad press / tv, ect , just like one person will leave the riding park and tear up some one elses property then the riding park get's closed and every one wounder's what happend . The environmentalist already don't think we should have a place to ride [ and there are more of them ] so why would you want to give them more ammunition ?

"How much does a Green Sticker cost nowdays?"

It depends on which DMV clerk you have to bribe!!


red sticker Enforcement is done away with from 2002 and below for Yamaha Thumpers, Don't know about any others.


You can do what you like with the stickers moving them from bike to bike. IMO I think it sucks your doing that, it cheats us all.


Registration is 20 stinking dolors for 2 years as a calif resident. You can get CA stickers for out of towner's at any local DMV on a year pass I think is 10 bucks.

This is just my opinion on your question, I think that Calif is a hot bed for our sport, as stated we do not need examples of how Legit Dirt Bikers are getting around a bad situation it just makes things worse

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