00 yz426f

heres the scoop, im working on a 00 yz426 and it hasnt been cranked in over a year.. it ran perfect before we quit riding it.... So.. I cleaned out the gas tank and carb, put new plug in it, fresh 93 fuel, and check the valve lash...everything looked good.... it will run but it spits and pops like crazy.... i just dont see how it would be like that when nothing different has been done to it, its just been sitting... i did notice that the teflon coating was falling off the slide in the carb.... any help would be greatly appreciated..... thanks for your time..

Crust in the pilot jet or passages.

no sir, the carb is clean as a whistle...

clogged pilot like gray said. take the pilot out and shine a light through it and verify its clean again.

every nook and cranny is clean, clean, clean.... has anyone ever had to change the vacuum release plate on the slide???

if you did make sure its not upside down

yes sir, its not in upside down, everytime i work on fcr carbs, i always catch myself when putting the needle valve back in to make sure i dont put it in upside down...

I never had good luck cleaning pilot jets. Buy a new one and i guarantee it will run great

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