Speedometer for 2002 WR426F

I just dual sported my bike and am looking for a speedometer to replace the stock trip meter. Would prefer one that just replaces it using the mechanical stock cable. Does anyone know if one is compatible from another Yamaha bike or any other manufacturer? Looking for a used one preferably. Just do not want to get a speeding ticket!

I use a handlebar mounted GPS as a speedo. It works well.

If you really want one that's cable driven I'd try one from an XT600. I have a TT600 and it uses the same odometer as my WR. The XT is jsut a street legal version of the TT so my guess is the XT speedo runs off the same type of cable.


thanks for your response. was wondering if their are any others that might work?


I ordered and installed a factory speedo for a XT 350 Yamaha back in 03 when my bike was new. It hooks up to the existing cable and has never given me a moments hassle. I did however have to fabricate a mount. Also in the TT parts catalog there is a small chrome bodied speedo that will also hook to your cable. It too will need a mount built. They both have a provision to have them lighted. The one in the TT catalog is $60.00 or $70.00 I can't remember. The factory Yamaha unit was $116.00 back in 03 so I'm sure it's more now if it is even available.


I use trailtech and love it since I use in the street the tachometer also comes in handy plus the water temperature to keep on eye on it

My speedo drive on my wr426 02 is knackered so i went into dealer to get a price for a replacement, i was thinking sort of £30 to £50....£87:foul:, my responce was, well rude.......I can get a trail tech vapour for £80 with all of the features that this system has, I'll be getting one next month when i've payed for christmas.

Thanks for the info guys.

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