2002 yz426

I need some advice.,i have had multiple raptors and gixxer 1000's I am new to dirtbikes.But never a mx bike. I bought a 2002 yz426 has only 139 miles on odo for 800 bucks!guy needed cash very badly .My question is this, is this too much bike to cruise around with the kids on trails.is this bike even trail capable or is it mx track only.My other question is what do i need to do to the suspension im 6ft3 and 275 .I have heard this bike is nasty.

odometer sure its not an wr????

Course answer your Question's,I ride my 2000 yz426 on most nothing but trail's..may want to change sprockets.or flywheel.but otherwise I love mine...

What size is the rear tire?

yah im sure .i took the vin into yamaha shop and they said an odo and headlight came on some yz426's.any probs to look out for?

any probs to look out for?

That shop that checked the vin, for a start:rolleyes:


they said an odo and headlight came on some yz426's.
They are wrong. What size is the rear wheel?

19 inch

The most important thing to do with the suspension is to change the springs to suit your weight.

I just got mine a couple weeks ago and it's perfect for running around with the kids, or serious trails. For your height I would do bar risers and drop down pegs. X2 on getting it sprung for your weight.

That shop that checked the vin, for a start:rolleyes:

Hahahahaha, this is scary. I wouldn't by grips for my bike in that shop.

...another local shop trying to stay competitive in a down time...where do these people come from?? Ha!

Been riding the 02WR since it came out. One of the best bikes out there IMO. Never had any problems with it. Take care of it and change the oil and it will last forever.

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