PNW: Looking for a few good mullets...

Don't know if you have caught it or not, but there are rumblings of putting together a TT team to attempt a 24 hour race near Goldendale, Wa., on November 8th. The course is Starvation Ridge.

What are the prospects of putting together a Blue Team?

Would be nice to see TT Blue, vs TT Red, TT Orange and of course TT Yellow to come in with the sweep riders..


Men, this mission, if you choose to accept it, will probably be a hell of a lot of fun!

Here is the previous link:

Other Thread from "NorthWest" section...

Sweep eh! I guess someone has to "sweep" up all them Yamaha parts after the motors go boom. :)

Ouch. :)

They won't be blue and yellow. :D

Anyone interested in doing this race? If you, please post a note of it so we al lcan try to get coordinated.


The link didn't work, that's too far way for me :).

I was gonna say, bay city seems to be the mullet capital of michigan. I thought those were fazed out in the 80's! :D

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