What handguards are you running, Post a pic.

I had the Aceribs rally pro's and the sides dented in really easy. I now have Cycra probends and they're super beefy, ocasionlly they will slip but all bar mounts do sometimes.

FYI on the new Cycra CRM mount kit: the clamp mounts down on the straight section of handle bar right above the fork tubes. The WR fork cap sticks up and interferes with the clamp. I had to return mine and get the strandard mount.



per what I can see on the pics, the msr seem to be the same as the enduro eng and the moose too...

Those mounts you have would eliminate alot of the issues I have with the Cycras. The bars on the Cycras aren't bending so much, it's the mount for the triple clamp. The aluminum is soft as all hell, I have to whack them back into shape with a hammer. That's why I made up a brace to go in between them. I'll post a pic on Monday.

Sorry for the crappy pics.

Here's the brace I made. I think Cycra makes something called The Solution which is basically the same thing only more expensive. Those mounts used on the top clamp is the weak spot. I used 1/4x1" flat stock from Lowes. I think it was $5 for 4 feet.

I run the plastics too, they just arent on right now.



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