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Loc-tite problems

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I'm curious if anyone has experience using a loc-tite or similar product on titanium fasteners. I typically don't use loc-tite except on internal shaft nuts where the manual recommends it be used. However, while going through my engine I decided to loc-tite any internal fasteners I suspect my be susceptible to coming loose, such as the chain guide fastener where the chain guide pivots. The problem is I have titanium fasteners throughout the bike and therefore don't get the good "bolt stretch" that keeps them tight.

I noticed that the fasteners, once loc-tited, when removed don't seem to have been locked by the application nor have any resistance to rattling out if they do come loose. I think this could be the failure of the loc-tite to bond to the titanium. So, with all that said, anyone have any recommendations for an effective fastener locking product for titanium fasteners in aluminum cases?

XR Bob

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