Stock WR 426 Exhaust Baffle


I am looking for a stock yamaha WR 426 exhaust baffle (2001-2002). Will someone let me know if they are interested in getting rid of theirs.

Thanks and happy holidays!

ok does anyone know what the db difference between a stock WR insert and a GYTR insert is? looks like a PMB or a GYTR might be readily available. I looked up PMB and they say it's about 94db for their insert. Could not find the GYTR please

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The GYTR insert is rated at 96 dB.

If you want to ride with something quieter then 96 dB, I would highly recommend getting ANYTHING other than the stock peashooter. The stock insert is very quiet, but the performance is horrible. I used to run with a Vortip (not available any more) which was always below 94 dB. I also ran with the GYTR tip for a few years and the performance over the Vortip was noticeable. The problem always was that I would have to sound-check with the Vortip, then put the GYTR tip in to ride. I liked the performance, but didn't like having to technically be illegal using the GYTR. I picked up a used FMF Q for my 01' WR 426 and has been far, far superior to any of the different exhaust tips that I used.This has some decent info regarding exhausts -

byggd and Pooley thanks for the replies... I have a temporary hearing problem(may last 1 yr or more) and the doc has advised against loud noises till my ear drum heals back. I agree with you guys on the performance part. I usually just run it uncorked, but at this point I want the quietest ride possible.... trust me once i get the go ahead from the doc I will pull that thing right out and get a different pipe or a PMB like you guys have suggested.

byggd please let me know how much you want for it + shipping my (also the best way to pay you.... paypal? or others). I can PM you my address.

Thanks again

My Zip code is 83706

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I don't want anything for it .... just pay the shipping. How quickly do you need it there?

Hey thank you so much for offering to send it for free. you guys on TT are awesome.

If can just get it via the regular usps... that should be fine. I Pm'd you my address.

Thanks again!

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