YZ450 Questions

I dont know much about bikes Im actually asking this as quad related question.

Is the YZF 450 a 4 speed or 5 speed tranny?

How is it to start? Does it have manual compression release or automatic?

How does it compare to the CRF450 (just engine performance wise) Anyone know the HP at the crank?

I am doing a project quad and the powerplant is going to be a yamaha or Honda 450. Just trying to get some information on them.

Thanks very much for your help

Just get a Yamaha 660 Raptor and forget the charts! The raptors are awesome. I cant wait till they put that engine in a dirt bike. WR660 here we come! :)

correct me if i am wrong. I have never ridden a raptor, but i rember hearing some were that the YZ 450 had more HP and was lighter than the 660 engine but I think it said that the raptor produces alitte more torque on the bottom. :)

The frame geometry of the raptor is terrible making for poor handeling characteristics.

Looks like i accidentally posted this in the WR side instead of the YZ forum. My bad.

And yes the 450 is a more powerful motor, plus Id have to race open with a 660 etc etc

Thanks guys

You dont want the same torque/HP characteristics for a 250 lb bike and a 450 lb quad! That is why the Quad engines usually are set up for more torque and less HP. I wonder what kind of project quad you are building. I know that some quads have turbo chargers on their engines! :)

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