uncorking the xr 650l

im still working on that crossover project for my cousin. i have the xr650r carb in with a 68 pilot and a 168 main that was sujested. it runs better but is still to rich on the last 1/4 of the throttle. :D he has the stock spark arester removed. :D

on my r there was a restrictor plate to remove :D so is there anything that has to be removed from the airbox in or do i have to go with a smaller main. :) im looking for all the power i can get for him. :D thanks in advance. :D later

The 650L manifold isn't restricted but the airbox has a restricted opening. You may think about going with a smaller main and moving the needle up for low speed response.

You can remove the snorkel from the airbox. Look under the seat. It't the piece of plastic held to the top of the airbox by two rivets. Just drill the rivets out. This will let more air in. Also, I would highly recommend the smog block off kit from baja designs.

The single best mod I found for my 650L was an aftermarket exhaust. It works much better than a modified stock exhaust. Check at Lukes Racing , I got an WB E-series S bend slip on for $218 (shipping included).

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