Run in tips

Just got my bike back yesterday and im curious about the run in method my mechanic told me about. Its not at all the same route I would use on running in a car engine.

he told me to run it in 30 hour intervals with cooling in between for 2 hours. then change the oil and filter and im good to go.

the manual says that run it for an hour at 1/4 to half throttle have it cool down and then for another 15 minutes and cool it down and then its "ready to race"

I so far have 1'10- on her and havent really been much over half throttle.

Bike seems very strong on the bottom. I plan to change the oil at 2 hours.

Any other tips...? been using the hills here on long decell runs - I read somewhere it helps with bedding in the rings? :moon::banghead:

added tips will be appreciated.

I have had excellent luck using Motoman's Break in Secrets, as have MANY others. It goes against everything the manual says and what most people are led to believe but it works.

Yeah I remember reading that... Ive based my riding mostly on that. Ill hit the road tomorrow for a couple of 3/4 runs and then the last session of open throttle runs.

After that ill change the oil.

thnx for linking me back to that.

I just put a new piston, rings, Hot Cams, crank, brearings, seals, my Wr450. After I broke in the cams as per Hot Cams directions I did the rest of the break-in the Motomans way. I had a few people tell me it works, including a local shop. I got a few months on it and the bike is tight, runs great and was saved a lot of useless slow no fun riding.

bike has about 2 1/2 hours on it . First oil change is done and the bike feels great. Ill be taking it out for a proper 3 hour ride today.

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