Wr 450 / 250 comparison

I'm going to buy either the WR450f or WR250f but can't really decide which one. I weigh around 200lbs and had a CR250R but sold it. I like to have power when I need it. I had decided on the 450 but after reading about the woodruff key, I don't know. What do you all think? And what is the deal with the grey wire? Thanks

Coming off a CR250, get the 450. Would you buy a 125? I would not worry too much about the flywheel issue. Yamaha seems to have there finger on it. Mine is un touched other than re-torqing. No problems yet. There is only 10 pounds between them. If you were going with a 250F you would be ahead with the YZ as it is MUCH lighter. The WR 250F does get good reviews as it has a lower seat height and the wieght is lower. 450 man, 450!!!! You will love it. ----Mike

I have a wr450 and my brother has a wr 250 both good bikes, but given your weight and coming off a cr250 I would believe that the wr450 is a better choice. Do not let the fly wheel issue scare you, this can be resolved, some times things are blown alittle out of porpotion. good luck.

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