WR426 `01, VIN number ?

Hello everyone, have I got something unusual or are all WR426,s like this ?

I import secondhand bikes from the UK into Sweden as part of my job but when I went to re-register this bike for use on Swedens roads it was turned down as the VIN number does not have 17 digits as most of the recently made bikes have.

The numbers I have are : CJ02W-0002289 with an asterick at each end.

No other numbers on the headstock, it looks original and not "messed" with, anyone know something I do,nt ?

Yep, same on the head stock of my WR426 02.

Went in to a dealer for parts to be told its a unofficial import, are Yamaha's made in England now:lol:

Told its Euro spec though. The code for this bike that the dealer needs is mounted on the rear fender frame next to the air box, mine is 5NG6-100.

Got me thinking, has anyone got a 426 with a 17 digit code on it?

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