another quiet pipe question

I never can find real data when comparing different pipes. Its always by the seat of the pants. I dont care about sound, or bling. I want a pipe that is durable and also upgrades the power curve etc. These are the pipes I am trying to find out on:

DRD + quiet insert vs. fmf 4.1 megabomb + quiet insert vs. fmf Q4 megabomb

will the 4.1 w/ quiet insert perform differently than the Q4?

now that the megabomb can be found in SS I am more inclined to check it out.

I know quiet and power is sort of an oxymoron but any suggestions would be nice.


A little abrupt, isn't it?

There's two or three discussions here just recently on this topic. Search on "quiet pipe", and you should turn them up. Or, just browse back a page or two.

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