426 clutch prob HELP!!!

i had my inner clutch cover of the other day and noticed that my clutch basket had rubbed a spot in the top of the inner cover i checked it for play and theres a lil movement between the basket and the big gear but all around not to much movement . is my basket worn out or is there somthing else im missin i can tell theres been work done in the motor because lock washers on crank have been re-bent i purchased this bike 6 months ago and have redone every thing ive seen this is the last thing any idea? and how bad is this ? there are a few very very small metalshaving in filter

Look again at the "rub marks". Did you ever see anything such as that leave such a clean finish?

Those are clearance cuts made by the factory, with a milling machine. They belong there.

thanks gray that makes sense i fell like a rookie just didnt want anything bad to happen thanksz

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