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Help with Torque of All engine bolts

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Well, after buying a 2008 CRF250R from a guy in sydney (australia for all the americans out there) I got it home and it managed to last 10 minutes before it stopped. After 1 valve dropped its lunch and punched a range of holes into the piston, a few in the head and one in the barrel for good measure I now get to rebuild the engine.

I refuse to pay the $350 AUD to buy the honda service manual for the bike and clymer doesnt make a manual for the '08, so what i need is to know is what torque do i need to put on the engine bolts (all bolts, the rebuild will start with a new crank installation) that the service manual specifies.

big ones to note are:

- Flywheel nut

- primary drive nut

- Head bolts

- intake and exhaust

- Crank case bolts

- cam retainer bolts

- Clutch spring bolts

- Engine mount bolts

Can anyone help me out with these values? im not bothered what units they are in, converting is the least of my worries.

And if anyone knows where to get a manuel for an 08 please let me know, the best i can get is an 02-06 manual....


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