I love my WR but....

I used to ride a wr450 and loved it, it felt heavy and pounded through the deep woops, then i bought a new fe450 and it blows it out of the water. I cant still hold it pinned through the woops but in the tight and tecnical it gives all confidence. I think it really does come down to factory support though.

I never got a chance to ride a CRFX when I was shopping. A buddy of mine rode the CRFR and said it was kind of like a light switch, BIG power hit and instant arm pump.

I was already leaning towards the WR and I met a guy in Gorman that let me take a short ride on his completely stock 08. Even plugged up I pretty much knew instantly that it was the bike for me. I have been totally comfortable on my WR from day one.

Same here. The Wr is just so easy to ride stupidly fast. Its also very forgiving.

The Yz450 i find is harder to ride with the on and off powerband.

The CRF is a great bike, but topends are not as maint free like the yamaha's

I did about 500hours on my bike before the rebuild and there was not one valve adjustment. I should of checked it though... or atleast change the timing chain.... that cost me a new crank :moon:

Just clueless to think that someone thinks a cr450x is a better bike then a wr450.Because it wins Baja.Here is a fact we got rid of all cr250x-cr450x because running 4-6 days no oil in motor,wont start because intake vavles no clearence,I know the many fixes,but the Wrs o problems.So if the Cr450x wins the Baja It is better thats cluless

Clearly something was lost in the translation. I never said the CRF was a better bike, just that it was impressive that it dominated the Baja 1000 like it did. Others have articulated valid reasons on why they do not think it is that impressive such as... it is only one race, a race (any race) is 90% rider, other bikes (including the WR) have dominated the Paris to Dakar which is much longer, much of that dominance has to do with factory support, and the fact that racing is such a small % of what we do with bikes. All of those were and are valid arguments and opinions and I respect all of them as none of them are lame personal attacks.

Ok Sorry I took the wrong way.Since I live in Baja,and ride and know whats going on.Many of the kids here buy 450xs because what they see wins the race(with means nothing)They bring me the late hondas to fix,unreal at the broken parts for such new bikes.For real world riding and lasting the wr looks like the way to go.Since we have acess to ride all the time.It means alot to have a bike that you dont work on all the time and lasts years.

i'm a big fan of both Honda and Yamaha (own a XR650R)- i know, it's a heavy pig:smirk: it seems clear the Yamaha's have had a more durable over the years than the CRF450X's- uncharacteristic of Honda i must say.

i'm a bit old fashioned, but i'll say Honda took a big step down (in a way) by dumping the XR650R and running the CRFX. With all the support that Honda's get, the CRF's do well despite it's shortcomings. If you notice, most guys that are privateers, still use the big XRR as it needs very little maintaining over the course of a few race seasons compared to the CRF's

if i buy a 450 it's gonna be a WR- i hear too many good things about them:banana:..plus i love that Yamaha blue:thumbsup:

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