front brake line backwards on m/c????????

I am tearing my bike apart after owning it less than 24 hrs. :) One little detail that confused me was how the front brake line was mounted on the master cylinder. It looked backwards and twisted from the factory. I turned it around and it looks normay and healthy now. Is anyone else's like this? :D


I noticed the same thing. I thought to myself that that can't be right. It really interferes with my hand guards that way. I checked the manual and thats how it's mounted there. It just looks wrong. I'm going to do the honda hose mod to my bike since I'm pretty picky about the front brake. I'm hoping that the new hose fits better.:)

No, it's normal. BTW Chris, why did you return the Devol radiator guards? :) Did you keep the Fly ramp or return that too? Get back to me as soon as you can..............db

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