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2004 model 400exc problem

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The bike starts from cold with the choke but revs higher than it should.

With the choke off and warmed a little then the engine stops, cuts out even whilst trying to rev it.

There is a slight leak of petrol underneath the accelerator pump. With the engine off and operate the throttle, more fuel drips out from the same place. Left alone, ie; 'don't touch the throttle' and there's just the same slight leak.

I fitted the carb from my 525exc (same year) and the 400 started and ran correctly, on and off choke, and obviously, no fuel leak.

I originally thought the jets were plugged until I spotted the leak. Anyway, I have soaked the jets overnight in acetone because the bike hasn't been run since April?

I haven't had time to take the acc pump apart yet to find what has gone wrong. I'm assuming the diaphragm and/or the rubber seals will be the problem. Has anyone else experienced this?

I have a recollection that some while ago there was a post about fitting a Honda diaphragm or acc pump parts... can't remember why it was done but I'm curious!

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.



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