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California Don't forghet to PNO your bike if your registration is going to expire!

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Just a heads up!

My accountant (bill paying wife) let my insurance lap and didn't update my registration. She figured that she would save us some cash because the bike had not been riden in a while. Don't blame me, it was 2-stroke riding season and the WR needed a break, LOL.

Anyway, I was itching to get back on the WR so I re-instated my insurance and off to the DMV I went. Holy Crap! The registration was only expired for barely 3-months and they wanted an extra $100 in late fees! I was pissed but I paided the lady and focused on the bitchen duel sport ride I planned to have that afternoon.

After she gave me my receipt I asked her, "do I take this to another window for my new tags?" She replied, "You will not be issued a registraition or tags because your REGISTRATION HAS BEEN SUSPENDED." She goes on to inform me that since my insurance had expired the DMV had suspended my registration. She concluded that my new insurance card could not be used to verify my insurance at any local DMV office, I would have to mail my card to DMV Sacramento and wait for them to return authorization to release my registration.

I went from thoughts of a great duel sport ride being only a couple of hours away to several weeks away, OUCH!

This could have been avoided if the old lady submitted the PNO (planned non operation) request for the bike. Don't forget the PNO if you don't want to pay for the registration or insurance if the bike is not being riden, even if it's for only a couple of months. S/T.

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