So I just got my 01 Yz426 all back together after a little freshen up and now I have a huge problem. The damn thing never had a problem starting and ran great. Now I have to kick it 20 times to get it started and it wont let me throttle up half way before it dies on me. I check everything I could think of that might cause me a problem, and have turned up nothing. Please Help

what did u freshen up ?

also make sure theres no 450 decompression exhaust cam installed or the timing has to to be set diff. does your bike have a decompresioin lever on the handlebars?

I'd check the cam timing

timing. did it get new seats cut? If the timing is correct just do a leak down test. clean the carb while your at it.

what did u freshen up ?

I did a very deep clean on the bike. Replaced all my plastics, graphics, and working on picking out an exhaust for it. For a bike I bought for 1700, I didn't plan on spending five hundred right off the bat. But it looks great. Just runs like $hit as of right now.

CARB!!! - sounds like one of your jets is plugged.

Remove the carb, take it apart, clean it thoroughly using carb cleaner - this is typical if your bike sat for a while with no gas going through the carb.

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