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Custom made coolant recovery tank

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Here's a cheap and easy to make coolant recovery tank.

You can use any diameter or length pipe to suite your needs.

I used 1-1/2" pvc pipe

2) 1-1/2'' id end caps

clear tubing

2) npt barbed ends and some thread tape

Cut the pipe to length...you need

drill a hole in the center of both end caps

tap threads into the cap, I used a flare tap, and tapped so that the barbed fitting fits tight into the first couple of threads...that way you get a tight seal

tape the threads of the fittings and tighten them into the caps

use pvc glue and spread a thin layer into the ends of the pipe and assemble the caps into place.

Let the glue set for a while and attach to the bike.

The bottom tank fitting connects to the radiator over flow nipple just under the cap, the top tank fitting is a vent, that should route some where below the engine.

add a little coolant to the tank, that's it.

I got the pvc pipe free, I already had a tap and tape, so all I had to buy was the end caps, I spent about $5.00 on the whole thing.



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