WR Fuel Petcock fit on a YZ?

Does anyone know if the fuel petcocks are interchangeable? I have an '01 YZ and would like to have that reserve feature the WR offers

the petcocks on the yz & the wr look identical except for the height of the fuel stand on the microfiche.

They are interchangable :moon:

Some face opposite drections though so do a micro fiche search to make sure you get the right one.

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i put a 01-06 wr petcock on my oversized tank , and it was reversed


I swapped the '01 WR426 petcock on to my '01YZ426 with no problems whatsoever. Now I have a reserve for trailriding, and it just keeps me from having to push my bike back to the pits at the track. The WR petcok was only about $30 brand new from MRcycles.com.


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