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Honda 2002 Honda 400ex Motor Rebuild Help!!

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Hey everyone! I have a 2002 Honda 400ex engine to rebuild the top-end on... I tore the top end apart, and found that this motor isn't stock... It has a 88mm Wiseco piston and a few other goodies... Does the 88mm piston mean that it's a 426cc? If so, does this mean that the cylinder sleeve cannot be bored any further? If I remember right, a 400ex cylinder can be bored into a 416cc and a 426cc, and to make it a 440cc you need to put a bigger sleeve... Is all of this right?? So if my engine is a 426cc and the cylinder bore is used up and no more good, I can't bore it out anymore? Will I have to re-sleeve the cylinder back to stock bore, and then bore it back to a 426cc?? Also, does anyone know the cylinder bore wear limit for my cylinder??? Any help will be appreciated!!! Thanks!:cheers::moon::worthy:

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