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06 RM250 flat on top end and overrev

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Yes I know from what mag tests I read that the Rm lacks top end power or just loses it at a certain RPM .... My bike is 100% stock almost brand new but I need some help with jetting or aftermarket mods that will help.

I love the power on this bike but I really like to ride my bikes in the upper RPM levels rather than shift on certain parts of the track the suspension rebounds better in higher rpm too..... Does anyone know how to get better overrev on this bike? .....I.E. I like to stretch out certain gears 2nd and 3rd when needed ...last 2 stroke I owned was an 02 cr250 and it had no bottom but the top end and overrev was amazing almost like a big bore 125 and I would gladly trade a little bottom for some overrev because when you hit a jump in the upper rpm ranges the bike is more stable and flies straighter due to the gyroscopic effet of the engine ....any jetting advice would be greatly appreciated....as well as anything aftermarket that would help

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