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RMX250 Midrange Hesitation

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I have a PWK36 fitted to my 98 RMX250, pilot 42, main 175, 7 slide, 1469M needle in 3rd clip

So now bottom end is great, top end really flies but I have noticed on the last couple of rides it has a hesitation/deadspot just before coming on to powerband, usually while going up a slight hill or when loading up the motor, at getting towards WOT. On the flat ground there is no noticable problem but it now really drags its heels up hills.

I have tried dropping main from 180 to 175 and the topend feels stronger but the high/midrange still feels a bit dead.

I have only noticed this the past couple of months (since it started getting really hot here), this is the first summer I have had this carb on the bike.

Should I drop main another size or drop the needle down a clip??

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