The Best Damn Offroad Video Period !!!!!

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you know of a GREAT video! I have never seen a better offroad video. Personally, I am sick of all the freakin Freestyle vid's out there. How many times can you watch someone do a knack knack? Anyway, it is called "Time to Ride" :):D

If you like woods riding this is a MUST own video. You will love it! I am still pumped up and I watched it last night!

Just had to share,


Thanks for the headsup. Say just an idea, maybe someone could bring a tv/vcr generator setup and we can all watch it at the WCTT2 gathering Friday or Saturday night. That would be way too much fun.

hey fryboy where did you get it.. ?

Cant find a listing for it seems to be cycling with that title.

Thanks for info :)

I will 2nd that vote, great vid!!!!

Ive seen Time to Ride 2 is on the shelves now.

Has anyone seen that one?

I heard its great too. :)


Yes I have seen the Time to Ride II I bought that one too. It is good too but I would have to say the first installment was better. Part II starts with 2 brothers on KTM smokers hittin the woods. I hate the sound of smokers -except the big 500's.

I like some tips though in Part II. Randy Hawkins ( i think) gives good tips on crossing logs and hitting a rutted out sweeper. Pretty interesting actually. Also more desert riding in Part II. So yes it is good too!

I got them at Rockymountain 24.95 each

I agree it would be cool to set up a TV/VCR at the TT ride. This movis soooo rocks! I loved it.


That is a great idea along with A day in the Dirt

We will look into what we can get going....

I agree, Time to ride 1 rules!!!!

I just got Time to ride 2, it's pretty good to but not as good as the original.... :)

I love that movie! I think my favorite part is the three KX 500 guys in the desert doing wheelies in fifth gear - my son loves the movie as well. Not enough KTMs though !! :):D


Most of the credit for my purchase of this video belongs to DP400! Thanks Dan,

He played this video while we were staying at his Cabin before the Swampmill, I mean Sawmill.

Dan is right, this is the ultimate offroad video.


Hey wait wait wait


On Any Sunday :)

It started it all saw it 36 times cut alot of school :D

Oh man, I got the On Any Sunday song stuck in my head now. :D:)

If one does not know who Mert, Steve and Malcolm are, well, they are simply missing the boat...

On Any Sunday= :)

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