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Timing pics for WR400...Please help!

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Bike is tough to start. I use the choke. Once choke off, struggles to hold idle and must take care to apply throttle so will not stall. Lots of popping while riding.

All free mods (wire cut, airbox lid out, throttle stop out) plus aftermarket header and White Bros E2 exhaust.

I ride in CA. 0-3,000 agl.

Timing marks tough to line up just right.

MJ 170

PJ 48

NJ Standard

Pilot Screw standard

Starter Jet 60 standard

Main air jet 200 standard

Pilot air jet 1 75 standard

Pilot air jet 2 90 standard

JD jet kit Blue needle, 3rd clip

AP diaphram, aftermarket with longer post (I want to do Taffy mod soon)

Hot cams exhaust with autodecompression .20mm clearance. Intake cam stock with .15mm clearance

At idle in driveway, glowing read header after 2 minutes...never did that that fast.

Setting at H:


Cams at H setting:


Setting at I:


Cams at I setting...13 pins yet E marker a tooth above lip:


Lobes at I settting:


Spark plug white tip:


Any insight appreciated...:moon:

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