Crab drain screw leaking on 01 426

This started happening last spring after a carb cleaning. I did get it to stop for a while. I was trying to get the beast started yesterday (it had been sitting for a month or more and was cold in the garage) the drain started leaking agian. I have spent about an hour reading posts on this problem and my question is Does this drain double as an overflow?

What would cause it to leak from this over flow if it does double as one.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks Honyam

Yes, it does also serve as the overflow, and what it means here is that your float needle and/or the O-ring on the seat has dried out from sitting, and your bike is flooding. They may recover if they stay wet long enough, but don't let the bike sit with the gas on and the engine off at all until this stops.

If it doesn't recover, you'll need to replace the needle/seat.

Thanks grey. I guess I may just need to get the bike out more often. I wait and see if they seal back up with operation. Thank you for the answer on the over flow question.

Even if I don't go riding I at least try to fire my bike up every 2 or 3 weeks and put it up an down the road I live on.

What is a crab drain JK

She's back to normal. I guess the needle needed a little fuel on it thanks. I guess i just need to ride more often.

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