need the pros: new stator _ no spark


I've been pulling off the flywheel on my '01WR426f today and replaced the generator/stator. The one that needed to be replaced was not feeding the lights anymore and was not passing the test that they suggest in the manual on the 6 wires connector where you test the black and yellow wires... (lightning test)

Now I have a new one installed, tested it for lightning (black and yellow wires) tested it for ignition as well... everything is fine... but the bike won't start. I had a look to see if the spark plug would fire: it won't. No spark.:cheers:

I don't think we can adjust the distance between the detector and the flywheel. The detector is fixed on the generator with two nuts and there is no room for adjustment....

Please let me know what your experience tells you!

Thanks a lot!:moon:

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