Adding Flywheel weight to WR450...

What does the stock flywheel weight? If flywheel weight is added say 8 or 12oz to smooth out the engine and tractor more do you think it would add to the woodruff problem or actually help? Do you think the increased inertia would create less of a chance of a backfire reverse engine condition or not? What do you think?

2.6 pounds


Chuck Steahly at Steahly off road is probably the only one who makes a weight for the new WR 450. As soon as I got my new WR 450 I took it up to Chuck and he used my bike for a test mule to build the weight. I don't know if he has any in stock but call him, 1 541 535 4896. He is not open on the weekends so it's either now or next week. Thats pacific standard time.


The stock WR450 has a lot of flywheel! Are you trying to make it a big trials bike? That poor woodruff key may not like it. :)

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