Enough Said.....

This goes out to all of the supporters of the 426. Concerning the issues of gearboxes breaking, clutches failing, gas tanks leaking, hub's shattering (most likely human error), and any other glitch of the day you can come up with; these problems are best settled with the source, Yamaha. If they don't want to help, then I say let the buyer take a stand if he/she decides. I personally have taken a stand and have stated my case, but that's just me. I also welcome supporters to join me, since a case is best built on facts and not hearsay. If there is such a thing as a lemon with the 426's, maybe I got one. But, I haven't had three gearbox failures, nor three failures of any other kind, so I wouldn't scream Lemon. I will say that I've had my share of disapointments with my 426 with my gearbox stuff, but other than that, I have't had the other problems. Given, I did replace the clutch basket once I got my bike as a precautionary measure, but my sprocket bolts are as tight as they came new, my gas tank is sealed for the moment, and my header pipe is red hot in a dark room just like every other 400 and 426. I love my 426, I truly do. She's a great bike, but I will sell her and get something that I feel better about. I just don't trust the tranny since I've heard many cases of failures here and elsewhere and I'm also hearing similar disconcerted noises.

As for all of the devoted fans out there, I will support ya. If it was me that was hammering away every weekend on my 426 without a hiccup, I'd be happy to. Just isn't that way this year. Maybe 2001 will treat me better with bikes that I buy. And maybe the manufacturer will to. I'm in this sport for the long haul, so let the hauling continue. OH, and thanks Derwood for your admission that Yamaha should do something about certain issues. At least I can say that there's empathy out there for a fellow motox'er.




Thanks for the props, now good luck. If you need anything else let me know..



trapped in IL.

I've escaped! I'm heading back to Cali and beautiful Jawbone and Glamis......


Chin up Dave,

There is allways a better tomorrow !!!!

Regards Numpsy


I haven't had any major problems with my 426, but if something major such as a transmission failed, I'd fix it and put it up for sale immediately (as would most other riders). Just because it's a race bike is no excuse for a big$$ problem within a year.

But on the bright side, it's great excuse to buy a new bike :) - do I see orange in your future?

Maybe if I ride mine a little harder, it'll break, then I'll get one of those.....well this is the YZF board, so I can't say.


Thanks for the moto inspiration. Your absolutely right about having that excuse to buy a 2001. I have one and I think I'm going to use it once my 426 is gone. Maybe an 01 426 after I read some of the tests. I do like the fact that Honda is coming out with a 4 banger motox'er though. But, first year and all? That could land me back in jail with a hefty repair bill. I don't wnat a repeat of 2000 anytime in the next decade. Maybe Cannondale, once they work out their kinks. So, we'll see, but the future looks bright however I go. -- I'm just itching to ride and winter is approaching....The winter series in Florida is looking like a possibility if a new bike is under the Christmas tree. cheers guys.


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