After New Rear Wheel Bearings - still Loose

My rear wheel was a bit wobley, so I replaced the Rear Wheel Bearings. It's STILL wabley. I'm using one of those kits. Any suggestions?

Is the hub worn out? The drive side of the rear hub is known to wear out and then you have to replace the hub.

I have had the same problem. As said, hubs tend to wear out.

Some sort of solution that I have used with relative success would be to use the tool that you would use to mark the spot on the metal before drilling the hole ( I am not sure how it`s called in english, you probably know).

So what I did, I punched over the whole outer race of the bearings. The edges of the small holes, you punch, are a bit higher than the race used to be. Than clean the race and the bearing from all the dirt and oil and use a strong piping adhesive on the outer race when putting it in.

I would recommend letting it dry something like 24h before remounting the wheel and going for a ride.

For my `04 it worked. I got to ride it for 50h before selling it.

the rear axle may be worn......and grooved.

Are you sure which part is moving around? Could be loose spokes, lose S/A bearings, or worn hub......

I always use oem bearings. I'm sure you didn't do this but never change the bearing and not the race. Check the axle for grooving next then check spokes. If it all look fine it's probably the hub. Replace it. Good luck.

Before you dash off and buy a $100 worth of stuff to fix this, check a couple of things.

Do the bearings fit snugly into the hub? Unless they fell out and the new ones dropped in with no effort, the hub is fine. Likewise the axle cannot cause this because the axle clamps down on the whole stack of spacers and inner bearing races and holds them tight, so that even if there were clearance, nothing can move.

The play, if not between the bearing and hub as mentioned first, is in the bearing itself. Cartridge ball bearings are not like the tapered rollers in the steering head. They have clearance, and since the have clearance, the rim will wiggle a little. To an extent, that's just normal.

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