weak battery causing plug fouling

'Lots of stuff on this forum about fouling plugs, and lots of stuff about batteries... but are they related? My WR 450 (2003) would idle but any amount of throttle and it died. This was with a battery that had to be charged almost daily, and the engine required kick starting.

I had a respected professional tell me that the WR stators will not overcome a mostly discharged battery resulting in a weak spark. When running at high RPMs, the spark is hot enough (going down the highway). But when I hit the trails and had to use low RPMs, the weak spark caused the plug to foul.

Silly me, I thought once they were running the battery was pretty much superfluous. Anyway, it is getting a new battery this week.

p.s. The Cyclepedia Press troubleshooting section lists "battery voltage low" as the first thing under "weak spark."

I ran my WR for almost 2 seasons without a battery even being in the bike with no issues at all.

I'd clean your carb, and check your jetting, or, stator, etc....

If your battery is toast, and you have to kick start anyway, just take the battery out, and tape up the connectors.

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