timing??? Argh!

hi to all.after destroying the top end on my yz400f i got all the new bits i needed to rebuild.i put it all back together with what i thought the correct timing settings and put it all back in the bike.now it wont start!i tryed to follow the manual that i downloaded from yamaha but the pictures were of very poor quality.can someone please explain to me simply how to set the timing properly please.

Download a manual for a 2001 or 2 YZ426. The timing sets up the same way, and the manual uses drawings rather than photos, so they're much easier to see.

With the crank at TDC, the E mark on the exhaust cam should align with the gasket surface of the head at 9:00 o'clock, and the I mark on the intake should align with the head at 3:00. Be sure to check it with tension on the chain.

thanks i will give that a go. :moon:

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