I Rode the 2010 yz450f today

Well my wait is over I was able to swing a leg over a buddies 2010 450f today and it was great to see what all the fuss is about. I'm a vet expert with over 20yrs ridding/racing experience. I currently have a 2007 rmz 450 (interm bike, while waiting for my yz450f to arrive) My last bike was a 08 crf 450, I've ridden all the 09 450's and 08's except the ktm.

The first thing you notice with the yamaha is the instant throttle response, it is too abrupt and needs a little fine tuning. I would guess a remap would help. Power is good, very strong down low and in the middle, but seems to go flat up top, short shifting is recommended. The power is easier to use then my 08 crf but the bike signs off much sooner and doesn't feel as fast as the honda. (I have yet to ride a stock 450 with as broad and powerful motor as the 08 honda 450) Having said that, the honda would wear me out, it was a handful and when you got tired it was not your friend! I think the yamaha will be less of a problem when your tired. Which brings me to the 1 major element of the yamaha that really left me thinking, The bike requires so little effort to change direction or initiate a turn that I could put many laps togther and still feel fresh. This bike rides so light that it requires much less energy to ride, it will be an advantage for most riders. The bike realy turns well and tracks straight. It turns as well as the suzuki(which is the best turning 450 IMO) and feels soooooo much lighter, almost 250f like. The suspension is the best stock stuff I've ridden since the first year yamaha 250f (it was magic!) The brakes were good, ergos were great. The bike takes a while to get use to it is so different then all the other 450's (09 honda is the most like it) it is a unique bike. Hope this helps.

Good review

Not much will feel like a 08 honda powerband(except maybe a 03 YZF450 :moon:). Probably the hardest hitting of any CRF450....but you are right hard hitting powerbands tend to wear out riders much faster. This is why the trend is to make all 450s have less hit with a more linear powerband and easier to turn allowing the rider to not tire out as soon:thumbsup:

Good review, I'm on the fence about buying one.

We had three out this weekend.

All the owners liked the bikes, but I won't say any one said it was "love" to the point they "had" to have the bike over a different brand.

All commented on the low end power...and response, which on our track is a good thing. But on sticky/tacky tracks I will bet it's going to be a handful for some!

Suspension looks very good for the "better riders" aka a solid vet B or ex or young am C and up rider.

I felt that the 08 CRF was slow compared to my 06 yz (Far from stock) and also my old 03 yz. The 03 was a beast, and I wish Yamaha would go back to the 4 speed tranny, or even a 3 speed like Ferry used.

me too...liked the 03 motor with 4 speed.

the 07 honda was the hardest hitting. the 08 was slightly detuned to make it easier to ride. dont be too nastalgic about those older yamaha engines. if i remember correctly they were tuned more for baja 1000 than for motocross. i remember more than one factory (chad reed, david vuillemen) rider saying it was too hard to ride because of the engine and the fact that it didn't like to turn. i guess you have to keep in mind what the bike was designed for. the manufacterers now realize that big horsepower is what most weekend warriors think they need. what most people really need is broad smooth power. having 60 horsepower might sound like a good idea but it'snot. at least not for most people.

Last weekend was my first ride on my new YZ450f 2010'... I do have to agree, it's a bit too snappy/sensitive with the throttle response on the low end. Although I gave it a little bit more slack on the throttle tube and it seemed to help. As for the suspension and turning... Absolutely the best out of any bike that I've ever ridden! Saturday I rode the suspension stock and Sunday I met my suspension guy at the track and he re-valved it and changed some springs out for my weight, but even stock the suspension was really good! Also, I did like the handle bars in the more forward position.

It was funny, my two buddies that I always ride with have an 09' RMZ450 and 09' KX450f and after they rode it they couldn't believe how much more they like it than their own bikes that they just bought six months ago. Now they hate me!

All in all I am sooo glad to have this bike and look forward to riding it some more.

thanks for the review

Do they come with any type of program that allows you to remap the fuel and ign....

Whats the MSRP??

msrp is 8199 for the white and 7999 for blue. for like 275 you can get a hand held programmer which is hand held and you can program everything from what i understand. i dont know for sure as i dont have the programmer

Just a quick side note I'm still going to buy 2010yz I guess I was expecting a little more from the motor!

Do they come with any type of program that allows you to remap the fuel and ign....

you purchase a thing called a power tuner and make up your own maps there is another post in forum about this

the power tuner is worth every cent i got one and have changed maps it can go from mild to wild it the way of the future

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